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QuikDrive® PROSDD Combo Screw Driving System

The Quik Drive PROSDD Combo System is effortless to use, and easy to master; reduces labor, waste, injury and expense. The PROSDD system is a complete package that comes ready to use. It handles screws from  1 1/2" to 3” and drywall strip screws from 1 1/4" to 2". It offers expanded depth settings for high density flooring; reversible and replaceable non-skid teeth attachment; sure-grip guide tube for increased stability; uniform toe-nailing and countersink on slick surfaces. Drywall attachment has a compact body and slim profile which makes it easy to handle and allows driving in corners. The smooth nose will not mar drywall surfaces. Applications include decks, floors, sub-flooring to wood or steel, decks or docks, fiber cement board, sheathing, drywall-to-wood or steel and so much more. Comes with an extension for upright stance applications, quiver for keeping screws at your fingertips and your choice of either a DeWalt® or Makita® Screwgun. Other RPM models are available.

The PROSDD Combo System includes; QDPRO200G2 attachment for drywall, QDPRO300SG2 attachment for decks, subfloors and sheathing, extension, quiver, and tool case. Choice of 2,500 rpm Dewalt® or 2,500 rpm Makita® screwdriver motors.

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