H.K. Porter Handklip Cutter

For cutting wire, cable, and light chain to 3/16", soft and medium hard metals to 1/4" diameter. A one-handed center-cut tool with special parrot-beak jaw for ease in grasping wire and staples. Length: 9". Model 0690C.

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Greenlee Heavy-Duty Ratchet Cable Cutter

Extra thick blades, ground flat to reduce potential for breakage. Ratchet action for heavy-duty cutting. Two cutting actions - fast scissor cutting for small cable and insulation; converts automatically to ratchet mode. Rubber boot protects ratchet mechanism.

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Klein Cable Ripper

An easy-to-use cable ripper. The cutting blade slits the outer covering of the new and old Romex cable (all sizes) and other nonmetallic (Type NM) sheathed cable. Measure wire sizes from 8 to 14 AWG. 4" long. Model 74017.

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Greenlee BX Cutter

An easy to use cutter for 14/2 to 10/4 BX 3/8" flexible metal conduit. Simply load, crank to cut, remove, and twist the conduit to separate. Exposed blades are easy to replace. In handle blade storage holds up to 5 spare blades. Fits easily in back pocket or tool pouch.

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Greenlee Cable Cutter

Heavy-duty forged steel cutter capable of cutting up to 2/0 Aluminum #1 AWG and up to 2/0 copper. Heat treated, precision ground shear action blades. High leverage, plastic coated handles. Model 727.

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Klein High Leverage Cable Cutter

Cable gripping, shear-type jaws make clean, efficient cuts in 4/0 aluminum (not ACSR), 2/0 soft copper, and 100-pair of 24 gauge communication cable. Tough, comfortable red grip handles. Overall length: 9 1/2". Not designed for cutting steel or ACSR. Model 63050.

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Greenlee Standard Cable Cutter

Shearing action, heat treated, precision ground blades will cut up to 350 MCM aluminum, 4/0 copper, and 350 MCM copper. Steel handles with rubber grips for greater leverage and comfort. Overall length: 18". Model 718.

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Greenlee Heavy Duty Cable Cutters

Features replaceable shear type blades made of forged, heat treated steel and precision ground for clean cuts. Fiberglass handles with large rubber grips for greater strength, comfort and leverage.

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Cable Cutter Accessories

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Klein Ratcheting Cable Cutter

Cleanly cuts copper up to 400 MCM, and aluminum and multi-conductor cable up to 600 MCM with one hand. Unique ratchet-action holds cable tight between movable and fixed blades to make straight cuts rapidly with minimum effort. Hold open spring speeds cutting action. Quick release lever opens blade at any time during operation. Comfortable, non-slip grip. Not designed for cutting steel or ACSR. Length: 10". Model 63060.

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Southwire Cable Benders

Durable forged and one-piece steel construction for exceptional strength.  Head is angled 22" for ease in bending cable in tight, hard-to-access places. Corrosion-resistant, black-oxide finish with heavy duty double dipped plastic handle.  It is recommended that two benders be used for easier bends.

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Ratcheting Cable Cutter

The hardened steel blades ensure consistent cuts and long-term durability. The rounded blade design minimizes the cable distortion during cutting. Cuts up to 750kcmil copper and 1000 kcmil aluminum cables. Two-step ratching mechanism for few strokes per cut. Quick-release lever opens blade at anytime during operation. Manufactured by Southwire.

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Southwire Cable Stripper

The XT cable stripper is made for end and mid-span terminations of 600 volt 1/0 to 1000 kcMil or outside diameter sizes from (.33" - 1.284").   Works on THHN, SHHW, RHH, RHW, and USE jackets.  Compact solid unibody aluminum design easily fits in tool bag or pouch.  4" Depth gauge provides consistent repeatable cuts. Replaceable, precision razor sharp blade that is safely enclosed within the tool, eliminates stripping cables with a knife. 8.5" H x 2.5" W x 2.25" D.  Weight: 1.30 lbs. Manufactured by Southwire.

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Greenlee Ratchet Cable Cutter

Features extra thick blades ground flat, reducing potential for blade damage. One handle is stationary while the other ratchets, allowing use in deep boxes or against walls. Anti-reversing mechanism ensures positive ratchet action. Molded rubber cover protects ratchet mechanism. Fiberglass handles. Cutting capacity for frequent use: 500 MCM copper and 750 MCM aluminum. Overall length: 19 1/8". Jaw opening: 1 3/16". Weight: 5.8 lbs. Model 774.

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Greenlee ACSR Cable Cutter

Just 20” long, this high performance cable cutter has specially hardened blades capable of cutting ACSR up through 636 kcmil (with a maximum steel core diameter of 5/16”). Two-speed mechanism saves cutting time by closing the blades rapidly and shifting to normal speed to perform the cut. Handles made of durable, lightweight
fiberglass. Tool weight: 6.2 lbs. Model 776.

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Compact Ratchet Cable Cutters

Greenlee's smallest and lightest one-handed ratchet cutters. Each squeeze of the handles closes the blades one notch; internal gearing reduces the handle effort. Blade release feature allows blades to be opened in mid-cut. High quality forged and heat-treated blades have the durability to complete thousands of cuts.

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Performance Ratchet Cable Cutter

Simple, one-hand operation. Two-speed ratchet mechanism adjusts for light/heavy cutting. Well-suited for working in tight spaces. Specially designed blade improves cutting capacity. Jaw opening: 2".

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