Fein Electric Caulking Cutter

Removal of old caulking material from expansion joints no longer needs to be a time consuming job. This tool has an oscillating blade made of special steel that will remove caulk faster, more safely, and with less operator fatigue than traditional hand methods. A “Tach-Generator” system automatically supplies more power to the tool when the speed drops under load, keeping R.P.M. constant. Variable speed for various job conditions. Includes carrying case.

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Fein Pneumatic Caulking Cutter

A pneumatic version of the Fein Electric Caulking Cutter. Very low-noise rotating piston air motor is insulated against the cold. Easy to operate and handle due to its light weight, low vibration and good ergonomic construction. Uses only Supercut blades.

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Fein Caulking Cutter Blades

Specifically designed to be used with Fein Electric Caulking Cutter. Sold in full package quantities of 5 blades only.

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Fein Diamond Caulking Cutter Blades

Diamond tipped for cutting grouts and mortar. Sold individually.

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