Economy Hack Saw

Frame adjusts for 10" and 12" blades. Blades can be adjusted at four different angles. Black pistol grip plastic handle. 3" depth of cut. Includes 12" blade. Economical.

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M.K. Morse Heavy Duty Hack Saw Frame

Multiple pin location with locking screw.  Blade mouths at 90 or 45 degrees.  Stores extra blades, jab sawing. Allows for standard or flush cutting.  Convenience and versatility.

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12" Aluminum Hack Saw

12" Aluminum hacksaw frame with intergrated blade storage, soft grip handle, adjustable blade tension, 4-1/8" depth cut, 90 and 45 degree cutting positions, 12" 24TPI blade attached.

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Nicholson® 4-In-1 Hacksaw Frame

Unique changeable, adjustable frame. Used in four ways; standard 90° for general use, 45° for angle flush cuts, and jab saw configuration for inside cuts and low profile position for tight spaces. High tensioning for tightening of blade up to 30,000psi. Durable construction with cushion grip handle for extra comfort. Magnetic Blade storage inside frame. 12” blade length.

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Lenox Hack Saw

This heavy duty high tension hacksaw frame features a heavy-duty aluminum handle and rectangular steel crossbar. Hardened blade pins are permanent. Converts to a jab or compass saw. Store spare blades inside tubular back. Blade can be mounted at 45º for flush cutting.

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Lenox™ Hack Saw Low Profile

Heavy duty, high tension hacksaw frame has a heavy duty aluminum handle and a steel crossbar. Feature permanent hardened pins, and a super low profile for close quarter cuts. Features a ergonomically designed comfort fit handle.

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Lenox™ Mini Hack Saw Frame

Rugged heavy duty aluminum handle, designed to cut material in areas where standard frames cannot reach. Compact and lightweight. Comes with 10" bi-metal blade.

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Greenlee 12” Heavy Duty Hack Saw

New over-molded rugged design for heavy-duty use and comfort. Fully adjustable blade tension up to 30,000psi for longer blade life and faster accurate cuts. Alternative 45° blade mounting allows for flush cutting. Handy blade storage in tubular frame. Convenient front grip feature for two-handed sawing. Comes with 12” 24 tpi bi-metal blade. Large 4 - 1/2" throat allows for deeper cuts.

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Douglas Teeny Weeny Hack Saw

6" long frame made of nickel plated steel. For use on wood, steel, plastic and brass.

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