Wherever portable, flameless heat is required, a Heat Gun provides an excellent solution. Applications include pre-drying of surfaces for fast preparation, softening of caulking, putty and plastics, stripping of paint and lacquers, thawing frozen pipes, drying electric lines and cables, and much more.

Heat Gun Selection Guide

Item Manufacturer Model Amps Air Volume Cu. Ft./Min. Max. Air Temp. Length (in.) Weight (lbs.)
10-9100 Bosch 1942 14.3 23 CFM 1000 8" 3.5
10-9102 Milwaukee 8975-6 11.6 14.8 CFM 1000 10 1/8" 1.6
10-9106 Milwaukee 8977-20 11.6 14.8 CFM 1040 10 1/8" 1.6


Milwaukee Dual Temperature Heat Gun

3 position switch for off, low (570°F), or high (1000°F).

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Milwaukee Variable Temperature Heat Gun

Rear housing rotates to select temperature ranges from 140ºF to 1040ºF.

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Bosch Heat Gun

Features powerful blower with variable temperature adjustment. Insulated nozzle provides cool exterior temperature. Padded, adjustable stand can be positioned for any work angle.

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