The Pro Series line of padlocks by Master Lock has been designed for greater resistance against physical attacks, reliable performance in harsh environments, and for quick and easy integration to existing padlock systems. All padlocks have removable cylinders and replacement shackles. These high quality padlocks are made in USA.


Master Lock Weather Tough™ Padlocks

Designed for outdoor commercial use, these rekeyable padlocks will stand up to severe abuse and severe weather. Boron alloy steel shackles repel saws and bolt cutters. Dual locking shackles resist forcing or prying, and special pick resistant spool pins prevent unauthorized entry. Durable thermal plastic cover protects lock body and key cylinder from dirt, dust, and other contaminants. Special drain channels move water and other debris through the lock body and away from the lock mechanism.

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Master Lock High Security Padlocks

Designed for high security commercial use. Boron steel shackles provide up to 16,000 pounds of shackle pull strength and include dual dead-bolt locking for extreme resistance to prying. Steel shackle guard repels saw and bolt cutters. Five pin cylinders with special pick resistant spool pins make the locks virtually impossible to pick. Weather resistant thermal plastic lock cover will withstand severe weather.

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Master Lock® Combination Lock

Resettable combination locks are esigned for commerical and industrial applicaiton.  Set your own four-digit convenience, 10,000 available combinations.  No reset tool required.  Large ergonomic dials permit operation with gloves, in low light or complete darkness.  Deadlocking mechanism protects against prying, shimming and rap attacks.

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Master Lock Security Cables

Excellent for locking up equipment such as tools, ladders, and job boxes. The vinyl coated braided steel is stronger than chain for added security, as well as rust resistant. Lighter weight and easier to handle than chain. Ready to use with eyes at each end.

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Master Lock High Security Padlock

Solid steel lock body is hardened for saw and hammer resistance. Hardened Boron alloy steel shackle. Dual hardened steel balls lock each shackle leg independently.

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Pro Series® Hidden Shackle Padlocks

Lock body conceals shackle - defeats attempts to pry and cut. 2-7/8" Hardened steel body and 3/8" boron alloy shackle. High security, rekeyable 6-pin cylinder with spool pins is almost impossible to pick.  Use with model 770 hidden shackle hasp.

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