Successfully pour concrete in -10° to 30° temperatures with this revolutionary new product! Powerblanket® cures concrete and thaws ground fast. No set up or maintenance is required.  Powerblanket® are built to last, manufactured with a durable vinyl shell. Powerblanket® heater technology allows the connection of multiple blankets on just one 110 Volt outlet (see electrical specification chart below).  Powerblanket® Greenheat™ technology allows for even heat distribution including the corners and edges of the concrete.  Powerblanket® saves money by not subjecting projects to costly cold weather delays.

Powerblanket standard products are ETL certified and are in compliance with UL/CSA electrical standards.  (ANSI / UL499; CSA C22.2 No. 130.)


Powerblanket® Ground Thawing

Powerblanket® Extra-Hot blankets spread heat evenly, thus using energy more efficiently.  Thaws ice, snow and frozen ground to save time and keep your crew working through the winter.  Thaws gound up to 8" overnight.  Powerblanket® are easily installed, uninstalled or moved.

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Powerblanket® Multi-Duty Thawing and Curing

Multi-Duty series blankets are versatile enough to be used to cure concrete and / or thaw ground (Contingent upon ambient temperature). Melts snow/ice up to 1’ overnight.  Preps cold weather construction sites.  Convenient 10’ x 10’ size excellent for covering sand piles, walls, equipment.  It is an excellent alternative to expensive and labor intensive ground heater systems.  Excellent for masons to drape over and heat walls, eliminating the use of propane / open flame heaters.

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Powerblanket® Drum Heater

Powerblanket® Drum Heaters provide even heat distribution with patented heat spreading technology. Each insulated full wrap drum heater has adjustable straps which provide for a secure fit. Works on both plastic and metal drums. Built in thermostatic shut down avoids burning or overheating. High efficiency with low power consumption. 120V.  Comes standard with an external, digital thermostatic controller to regulate blanket temperature.

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Powerblanket™ 400 Insulated Band Heater

Powerblanket™ 400 Insulated Band Heater is safe to touch and is still an efficient heating source.  It is an insulated heater so it doesn't need as many watts to heat up products and to maintain heat.  It can be used to protect your product from freezing, warm and thaw, or to heat up your products and maintain optimal viscosity.

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Powerblanket® Spray Foam Box Warmer

  • Heat Portable Spray Foam Kit Boxes & Cylinders
  • Maintain Constant Temperature While Spraying
  • Warm Caulking, Paints, & Work Supplies
  • Heat Hoses, Nozzles, Guns, and Equipment
  • Used by Roofers, Insulators and Manufacturers
  • UL/CSA safety certified
  • 120volts / 280 watts/ 2.33 amps

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