Stanley Nail Claw

Special extracting claw with beveled nail slot. Heat treated. Stock size: 9/16". Overall length: 10".

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Stanley Nail Puller

Double end puller features 90° and 30° offset claws. Fully sharpened claw tips. Stock size: 5/8". Overall length: 11".

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Stanley Wonder Bar™ Pry Bar

Contoured bar is ideal for pulling nails, prying, lifting and scraping. Forged high carbon steel. Heat treated with polished and beveled cutting edges. Beveled nail slot at both ends. Blade width: 1 3/4". Overall length: 12 3/8".

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Mini Prybar

Perfect for tool boxes, used for prying and pulling nails. 5-1/2” long.

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Pulverizer Multi Tool

Pulverizer is an all-in-one solution for demolition, concrete work and more. Use for setting up and tearing down forms, bending snap ties, and hammering drift pins. Features include a claw with teeth for prying, a sledge hammer head, triangle area to rip drywall, and 2" scraper with large head nail puller. This 3 lb. tool is entirely heat treated and fully forged, making it safe and durable. It has an oversized comfort grip with patented anti-vibration technology.

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Estwing Handy Bar

Forged half round to eliminate weight and for added strength. Weight: 18 oz. Length: 15".

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Stanley Wonder Bar™ II Pry Bar

Tempered steel pry bar powder coat finish. Blade width: 7/8". Overall length: 7".

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Stanley Offset Pattern Ripping Chisel

Extra wide claw with beveled nail slot. Stock size: 11/16". Overall length: 17". Cutting edge: 1 11/16".

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Estwing Pry Bar

Strong and lightweight (22 ozs.). Long, forged I beam construction. Overall length: 18".

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Gooseneck Crow Bars

High carbon steel for extra strength. Chisel end beveled. Claw and chisel end polished, claw slotted.

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Pinch Point Crowbars

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Wedge Point Crow Bar

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Telegraph Digging Bar

Also called a San Angelo bar. Bent chisel and straight point.

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Digging & Tamping Bar

2 1/2" x 9 1/2" blade and 2 1/2" diameter ball.

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Construction Bar

Bent chisel and diamond point.

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Concrete Form Stripping Bars

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Wrecking Bar

Gooseneck Wrecking bar made of 3/4" forged heat treated steel. This durable tool provides superior leverage. Single curved end and flattened point with a smalll fissure on both ends for removing nails.

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Big John Pry Bar

Heavy Duty all purpose pry bar. Ideal for prying forms or other jobs on the construction site. Tubular steel handle with specially designed 3" wide blade angle. Hardened steel claw.

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Klein Grizzly™ Bar

A heavy, strong multi purpose tool. Its 3" width protects concrete when stripping forms. Its efficient blade angle and 55" total length provides high leverage as a crow bar and nail and spike puller. Blade is hardened alloy with keyhole nail-pulling slot in center and V-notch in tapered edge. Can also be used to help align walls during tilt-up construction, roll and align large pipe, remove shingles and flooring, and for many other stripping and prying tasks.

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