Multiquip Rebar Cutter - Hand Held

Easily move around any job site.  Maintains a safe working environment by preventing rebar fragments from flying out with ther rebar protective cover.  Easily cut different diameters of rebar by adjusting the space between the blades with the spacing bolt and nut.  Cuts up to #8 rebar (1").  115V 60Hz electric motor, 13 amps.  Maximum Cutting Speed: 3.5 seconds.  Weight: 48.5 lbs. Includes: Hex wrenches, hydraulic oil and carry box.

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Multiquip Rebar Bender - Portable

Compact design for use on jobsite or shop.  User-friendly design features push-button start and stop.  Maximum bending capacity #8 rebar (1”).  Maximum Bending speed is approximately 5 seconds for 180° angle.  A foot switch is included for high production bending.  115V 60Hz electric motor, and the motor runs only during bending operation for lower noise level and energy efficiency. Includes:  Foot switch, rollers (5 sizes), collars (6 sizes), tool kit and waterproof cover.


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Rebar Tying Tool

Five times faster than manual tying. Makes ties in less than one second per tie with consistent tie strength. Thanks to the Lithium-lon battery technology, the RB398 ties approximately 2,600 ties per charge.  Weighs only 5.3lbs. and is easy to handle. Allows worker to hold re-bar while tying, reducing set up time.  Auto shutoff features extends battery life.  Reversible belt hook eliminates bulky holster and keeps tool handy and safe.  MAX recommends daily blow out of tool with compressed air and has added blow out channels to ease cleaning.

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