Wap® Hose Accessories

Colony stocks accessories for the Wap 12 Gallon Vacuums described above, as well as for older model Wap®, Alto®, and Attix® machines. Please check your model number before ordering.


Filter Bags

2-ply filter bag in sturdy quality and high filtration rate. Sold 5 bags per pkg.

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Filter Cartridges

Made of washable PET-fleece with high filtration rate (1 micron) and long service life. Xtreme clean filter element offers an even higher filtration rate.

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HEPA Filters

Cartridge style filter with extremely high filtration rate (0.3 microns).

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Wap® Electric Power Nozzle

Designed to work with any model ALTO Vacuum, this saves you from having to purchase an upright style vacuum specifically for carpeting. When used with an ALTO Vacuum, you will get professional quality cleaning results on carpeting.

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