Floor-Dry is produced from Diatomite, each scoop contains millions of natural microscopic diatom "sponges". These unique honeycombed structures allow Floor-Dry to outperform all other natural absorbents. Environmentally safe, user friendly and calcined to increase particle strength. 20 lb. bag.

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Granular Absorbent

Premium quality clay granular absorbent reduces the risk of slips and fire hazards. Absorbs oil, grease, water and ink. Will not cake or mat down under heavy traffic. Non-flammable and will not scratch floors. 40 lb. bag.

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Cellulose Absorbent

A universal/maintenance sorbent made from recycled cellulose. It absorbs 6 times more than clay. Other benefits include non-toxic, lightweight, low dust, and non-abrasive. Absorbs both oil and water. 25 lb. bag.

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