Jackhammer Hose

Quality hose designed for use with mobile air compressors. Assembly includes universal couplings attached with Band-It clamps at each end. 3/4" I.D. Working temperature range: - 40°F to 180°F. Sold in 50' lengths.

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Whip Hose Assembly

Short hose assembly with a 1/2" I.D. used as a flexible connector between supply hose and tool. Used to protect couplings from breakage due to the constant vibration created by hammers, rivet busters and paving breakers. One end of the whip hose connects to the tool, while the other end connects to the air supply with the quick acting coupling. Whip hoses should remain permanently connected to the tool and should be the same diameter as the supply line hose. Assembly includes a universal on one end, and a Bent Stem Swivel on the other. Working Pressure: 300 PSI.

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Safety Whip-Check Cables

These strong steel cables prevent hose whip in case of accidental separation of coupling or clamp device, preventing accidents and injury. Whip-Check reaches across the hose fittings to provide stand-by safety for hose. Spring loaded loops in the cable ends open easily to pass over the couplings for a firm grip on the hose. Highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Whip-Check cables should be installed in the extended position with no slack. Working pressure: 200 PSI. Two styles available.

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Industrial Air Hose

Industrial air hose assembly includes brass NPT male fittings attached with crimped ferrules on both ends. Red EPDM cover provides excellent resistance to abrasion, weather, tearing and ozones. High tensile synthetic braiding process for extended life even at maximum working pressure. Working pressure: 250 lbs.

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Lightweight Air Hose

New lightweight and flexible low temperature urethane air hose features oil resistance, cut resistance, and extra long life compared to conventional rubber or PVC. Ideal for contractors using pneumatic nailers and staplers on the jobsite. Flexible to - 40° F. Working pressure: 300 lbs.

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Flexeel® Reinforced Lightweight Air Hose

Extremely lightweight and tough, retains its flexibility even in cold environments. The reinforced construction eliminates the possibility of having the various layers separate due to constant expansion and contraction during pulsating operations. Perfect for use with nail or staple guns. Temperature range: -40° F to 165° F. Working pressure: 200 PSI. Coupled with 1/4” NPT fittings. Color: transparent blue

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