Beamer 2000 Anchor

Follows effortlessly above or behind workers. Fits structural steel beams 3 1/2" to 14" wide; up to 1 1/4" thick. Can be used on top or bottom beam flanges. Lever-locking end piece makes size adjustment simple. Lightweight and easy to carry (3 1/2 lbs.).

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Fixed Beam Anchors

Installs in seconds to the beam structure providing a 5,000 lb. rated anchor point for horizontal and vertical applications. Anchor is easily installed by sliding the adjustable hook-end down to the flange and securing a pin. Easily adjust to exactly where you want it.

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Glyder™ Sliding Beam Anchors

For complete horizontal mobility, the Glyder™ Sliding Beam Anchor enables you to tie off overhead or at your feet with a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline. Enjoy total fall protection, along with freedom of movement, as the anchor effortlessly slides across the beam on its wear pads, eliminating metal-to-metal contact. Pins install from the top and have a built-in retention system to prevent pin loss or damage. Installs in seconds.

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Miller Beam Clamp

Steel anchor point that can be attached to horizontal I-beams, S-beams or W-beams. Its swivel attachment ring prevents twisting of the worker’s connecting device. Two sizes available.

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Guardian Fall Protection Concrete Anchor Strap

Sheathed in heavy duty nylon webbing to protect the inner core from abrasion and wear, and is one of the most cost effective anchors around. It can be installed as a permanent anchor during building construction, and can also be used in temporary applications such as wood framing, rebar work, or pipe racking.  Loop and D-ring ends.

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Cross Arm Strap

Cross arm straps easily install by wrapping around and cinching down to a structural anchor, and are ideal for use in locations where substrate penetrations are not desired.  Pass through large and small D-rings.

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Premium Cross Arm Strap

Cross arm straps easily install by wrapping around and cinching down to a structural anchor, and are ideal for use in locations where substate penetrations are not desired. Premium Cross Arm Strap are designed with dual reinforced webbing and heavy-duty stitching for superior durability and resistance to wear.

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Concrete Anchor Strap

This disposable anchor strap is designed to provide temporary anchorage on concrete forms. The loop on the end of anchor strap slips over the rebar, and concrete is then poured on top of loop and wear pad providing a safe 5,000 lb. anchorage point. When the strap is no longer needed, simply cut strap and discard. The strap is made from 1 3/4" wide polyester webbing with a full length outer wear pad for abrasion resistance. A forged alloy steel D-ring provides a compatible connection point for a lanyard or self-retracting lifeline. Length: 3 1/2’. Other lengths available.

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DBI/Sala Tie-Off Adapter

This pass-through tie-off adapter is designed to be used as a fall protection anchorage device. Made from 1 3/4" wide polyester strength member and 3" wide polyester wear pad.

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Miller Cross-Arm Strap

Designed to wrap around I-beams and other structures forming a secure attachment point for lanyards and other connecting devices. Manufactured from 2" nylon webbing for maximum strength, the strap features a 2" forged D-ring which slips through a 3" D-ring. Length: 6'.

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D-Ring Anchorage Plate

Bolt or weld to structure. Two 1/2" diameter attachment holes. Plate size 1/4" x 2" x 4 1/2". D-Ring cadmium-plated with stainless steel anchorage ring.

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DBI Concrete D-Ring Anchor

Reusable D-Ring assembly - drill hole in set concrete, insert and torque anchor; for temporary, or permanent applications; fits 11/16" or 3/4" holes (standard drill bits); connection swivels 360°.

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Replacement Bolts for DBI Concrete D-Ring

Replacement Bolts for DBI Concrete D-Ring. Fits DBI Model # 2104560. Sold as each or in a box of 10.

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Mega Swivel Anchor Point

This custom designed Mega swivel has an incredible 10,000 lbs. ultimate breaking strength. Heavy gauge heat treated steel D-ring, Reinforced Bridge and Locking Caps. The Locking Caps slot into the Swivel Housing preventing the D-Ring from spreading outwards during heavy loads. 360 degree rotation and the ability for the D-ring to flip back and forth makes this anchor point even more versatile. Two models available, one for concrete and one for steel.

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PRO™ Concrete Wedge Anchor

Installs into 3/4 in. concrete hole and can be used vertically in wall or horizontally in ceiling.  Portable and reusable with a compact and lightweight design.  High strength steel and aluminum construction made of rugged and corrosion resistant materials.  Swiveling D-ring tie-off point.  Exclusive easy grip trigger.  High strength steel and aluminum construction with an overall 5,000 lb. strength and a 310 lb. user capacity, the device provides a strong and safe connection.  Shielded load and chock release cables protects against damage caused by grinding against the concrete lip of the hole for a longer service life.

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Made from lightweight and durable powder-coated aluminum, the HitchClip® is easy to install, and functions as a permanent rooftop anchor. Thanks to its patent pending “key-hole” design, the HitchClip® can be used in combination with a large variety of accessories, allowing it to be used to set up guardrail systems, staging areas, and more. Powder-coated aluminum.

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Cross Arm Strap

Cross Arm Straps are durable anchorage connectors for many applications.  Features include a pass-thru loop end design for easy use.  To shorten the anchorage connector simple wrap the webbing around the anchorage and pass through the loop end.  Cross Arm Straps are convenient end points for use with horizontal lifeline systems.

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Miller Grip™ Anchorage Connector

This portable/reusable anchorage connector is designed to be used in concrete with compression strength equal to or greater than 3,000 lbs. When inserted into a properly sized, cured concrete hole, it becomes a safe anchor point for a single user. (Please note: For easier anchor reusability, it is very important to clean the concrete dust from the hole after drilling). The Miller Grip™ can be removed and re-installed in a new location, and is constructed of stainless steel, aluminum and other non-corrosive materials for a longer service life.

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G-Bolt Concrete Anchor

The Guardian Fall Protection Concrete Swivel Anchor is ideal for use in a variety of fall protection applications. The specialized toggle design allows it to be easily installed and removed in a matter of seconds, and its durable components allow it to stand up against even the toughest conditions.  Easy to use and remove; fits 3/4" drilled holes. (Please note: For easier anchor reusability, it is very important to clean the concrete dust from the hole after drilling). Made of heavy duty stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials. Tensile strength: 5,000 lbs. Weight capacity: 420 lbs.



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Saflok® Concrete Wedge Anchor

Provides a safe, fall arrest rated anchor point for vertical concrete applications. Portable and reusable anchor can be removed and simply re-installled in a new location for added jobsite flexibility and lower overall cost. Pivoting easy grip handle and quick relase button aids installation and removal of the anchor with out tools.

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