Colony now offers a complete line of attachments that will fit onto a variety of electric and gasoline power tools to facilitate dustless cutting and grinding. It is important to note that these systems work best when using strong, industrial grade vacuums (i.e Attix, Wap/Alto, Bosch, Fein). Using your tools with shrouds will not only help prevent silicosis of the lungs, but will keep the work area clean and dust free as well as prolong the life of your electric power tools by keeping abrasive dust from damaging the motor
and bearings. We believe you will find this offering of attachments to be complete, easy to install, and operationally friendly.


4"-5" Universal Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

The Milwaukee® Universal Grinder Dust Shrouds work universally across most pro-brands, while competitors shrouds are proprietary to their own grinders. The Milwaukee® shrouds feature a durable and lightweight design with a convenient clear window for easy navigation. The purpose of grinder shrouds is to reduce exposure to dangerous debris, crystalline silica, and dust particles that can cause health issues for users who work with stone and concrete.

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18" Hose Adapter

Quick attachment from shroud to most industrial type vacuums.  Dual swivel ends allows for fluid movement and helps prevent hose bind up.

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Milwaukee Cutting Dust Shroud

The Milwaukee Cutting Dust Shroud provides users with a solution for the regulation on respirable crystalline silica dust (29 CFR 1926.1153). Optimized for cutting applications with both AC and DC Milwaukee small angle grinders. Attach to the Milwaukee (25-0282) 8 Gallon Dust Extractor for a complete OSHA Table 1 compliant solution.

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Zantech Shroud for Metabo grinder

Dust containment shroud for masonry cutting and sawing. Innovative design provides increased visibility, accuracy, and maneuverability. A 1 1/4" depth of cut can be achieved with a 5" diameter blade. The easily removable hood cover makes for quick blade changes. The Zantech shroud is designed for any cutting application where dust containment is critical. When used with a high powered vacuum, it promotes a safer, cleaner job site. Perfect for interior renovation work and tuck pointing. Please note: Zantech shroud is designed to fit Metabo 4 1/2" & 5" angle grinders only.

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The Dust Director

Designed specifically for tuckpointing and crack chasing, the Dust Director has some excellent and unique features. Made of aluminum, it is lightweight and easy to hold. Its design gives the operator complete blade visibility, an important feature when doing historic restoration work where cutting accuracy is critical. Inside and outside wall corners can be cut easily since two edges of the blade can be exposed. A lock-in swivel feature allows the operator to adjust the cutting position thereby catching any escaping dust. The Dust Director accepts blade diameters from 4” through 6”. (The 6” blade yields a maximum cutting depth of 1 1/2".)

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Saw Muzzle For Circular Saws

Designed to be used with 7” or 8” worm drive saws manufactured by Skil, Bosch, or Milwaukee. It installs in minutes and does a great job of collecting concrete, wood and fiberglass dust.

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DustBuddie® Dust Control Shroud for Hand Grinders

Easy to install.  Comes in two sizes: 5" fits 4" to 5" grinders, and 7" fits 6" to 9" grinders. Captures up to 99% of airbourne dust.  Clear polycarbonate offers improved visibility.  Removable front lip for grinding against a wall.  3 spacers and adjustable height setting to accommodate different wheels and discs.  Brush skirt provides support for a smooth, cushioned grinding action.  Meets EPA RRP guidelines for lead paint when attached to a certified HEPA vacuum.  Includes:  (1) clear polycarbonate shroud, (1) 18" flexible hose, (3) height adjustment spacers, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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Dustie® Dust Collection Shroud for Hand Grinders

Fast and easy to install with Flex-Flange™ (included).  Fits most hand grinders, and offers adjustable height for different grinding/sanding wheels. Captures 99% of airborne dust.  Designed to capture extra fine dust from grinding, sanding, and cutting concrete, masonry, fiberglass and other materials.   Protects workers from harmful Silicosis and Hexavalent Chromium.  Meets EPA regulations for lead paint renovation work.

The Dustless Technologies Dustie meets OSHA guidelines and improves worker health and safety. Designed to be used with the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum for effective dust control, the Dustie keeps particles from escaping, and the vacuum keeps dust contained. Simply attach the vacuum hose to the Dustie, and you won't have to worry about leaving a film or cleaning up messes. The Dustie's innovative design keeps your work environment clean and safe.  If you use your grinder for tuck pointing, crack chasing, or decorative concrete cutting, you will want to use the optional cover plate. Trim a section off the front edge of the Dustie and snap the cover plate into place. You can choose two different operation angles from the molded cut lines in the Dustie.  Includes:  (1) shroud, (1) Flex-Flange™ banding clamp, (3) washers, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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