Remote Speaker Microphone

Water-resistant, compact microphone that allows the user to talk and listen without removing the radio from the belt, case or charger. It has a coiled cord, push-to-talk switch and clothing clip on the back cover. Factory Mutual approved.

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Earpiece with In-Line Microphone

This comfortable, flexible earpiece is designed for all-day wear. Its in-line push-to-talk feature makes communication easy when your radio is not readily accessible.  Soft rubber, adjustable C-ring earpiece.

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Headset with Swivel Boom Microphone

Ideal for noisy work areas. This rugged headset also allows for hands-free operation. XTN Series • AX Series • RDX Series • CLS Series • M Series • Spirit HP •

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Remote Speaker Microphone With Push to Talk

This compact remote speaker microphone easily clips onto a shirt or collar, allowing you to speak and listen without having to reach for your radio. XTN Series • AX Series • RDX Series • CLS Series • M Series •

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