Klein Heavy-Duty Leather Belts

Rugged 2" wide belt is made of heavy strap leather and equipped with a double-tongue buckle to stand up to years of service. This is NOT an occupational protective belt.

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Adjustable Web Tool Belt

This strong, economical belt of polypropylene webbing has a sliding adjuster that allows a quick fit through the entire range of waist sizes up to 48". Provides easy adjustment for changes in sizes required by heavy winter clothing. Clasp buckle holds belt firmly but permits easy release.

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Klein Ironworker’s Belt

This rugged 2" wide belt has a separate reel-strap with its own buckle that lets you quickly and conveniently put on or take off a Klein tie-wire reel and optional pad without removing your belt or your tool pouch. The belt and reel strap are made of extra-heavy rigging leather. The belt has a strong double-tongue buckle with keeper, and is attractively embossed with a basket weave pattern. This is NOT an occupational protective belt. Belt size range: 36" to 44".

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Klein Tool Belt with Quick-Release Buckle

Made of a mildew-resistant blend of cotton / polyester webbing for comfort and strength.  Features a forged, quick-release buckle for emergency situations where the user has to quickly disengage the belt.  Must be worn over the users harness and clothing so it will drop free when released.  This is NOT an occupational protective belt - only use as tool belt.

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Nylon-Web Suspenders

One size fits all to help redistribute and relieve weight of heavy tool pouches and aprons, to reduce strain on back and hips. 2" wide, heavy-duty nylon for comfort, strength and long wear. Clips are extra-strong, nickel plated for rust resistance, with alligator teeth for added gripping power. Easy reach front adjustment and adjustable top-grain leather strap spreader.

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