Biostop™ 500+ / Metacaulk 1000 Intumescent Firestop Caulk

Water based (solventless) intumescent firestop caulk, red in color. UL® classified for firestopping insulated and non-insulated steel, copper or cast iron pipes, conduit, 2 inch diameter and smaller PVC plastic pipe, non-dampered HVAC ducts, cables and construction joints between top of walls and the underside of the floors above. Very flexible, thus very suitable for pipes and construction joints subjected to movement. Cleans with water. Excellent freeze thaw resistance. Color: Red.

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Biostop™ 150+ / Metacaulk 150+ Intumescent Firestop Caulk

Economical, one component water based general purpose UL® Classified firestop sealant and smoke seal for metallic (non-insulated) penetrations and construction joints. Used without mineral wool to firestop construction joints with a maximum height of 3/4''. Freeze thaw resistant. Elastomeric, suitable where dynamic movement is expected. Color: Red.

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Biostop® 350i / Metacaulk 350i Fire Rated Sealant

A one component, general purpose fire rated sealant and smoke seal for construction joints and through penetrations. Intumescent, water based, non-sag caulking grade paintable sealant that is easy to apply and retrofit. Cures to an elastromeric seal, perfect where dynamic movement is expected. STC rating 53. Freeze thaw resistant. Color: Dark Red.

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Biotherm 100 / Metacaulk 835+ Firestop Sealant

Single component silicone based sealant. Provides up to a three hour rating with only 1/4" of material. Silicone base allows for mechanical movement. Biotherm requires no mixing. Gun grade. Color: gray.

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Biostop™ 750 / Metacaulk 1200 Firestop Spray

Water-based, economical, non-intumescent spray applied firestop mastic. Classified per UL standard 2079 for firestopping construction joints between top of walls (drywall or masonry) and the underside of floors above. Can also be used for firestopping construction joints between edge of floor slab and exterior walls. Very flexible and classified by UL for joints subject to movement. 1/8" thickness in combination with mineral wool provides a 2 hour rating per UL standard 2079. Color: Red.

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RS136 Fireblock/Draft Stop Caulk

Very economical water based instumescent, non-combustible draft stop caulk meeting ASTM E 136. Used for sealing all types of penetrations where building codes require the use of a non-combustible product tested to ASTM E 136.Easy to install. Available in 10.3 fluid ounce cartridges. Also used as an acoustical sealant. 12 per case. Color: Red.

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Bio™ / Metacaulk K-10 Firestop Mortar

Non-asbestos, Portland Cement fly ash through-penetration firestop mortar. Installation and re-penetration is easy. Little or no damming or forming is required. Adheres to concrete, masonry, galvanized steel and most common through-penetration materials. Used to fill larger penetrations including cable trays and any large voids. Average mixing time (with water) is three minutes. Initial curing time is less than 48 hours (sets hard in 3 -4 hours. Sold in 45 lb. bags which yield 1,500 cubic inches. Model K-10.  Color: Light Red.

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Bio / Metacaulk Composite Sheet

Biostop Composite Sheet is a reinforced, lightweight highly intumescent material which is bonded on one side to galvanized sheet metal. It is used to seal penetrations (cable trays, cables, pipes) through large openings in fire resistive wall and floor assemblies. Biostop Composite Sheet is easy to cut and form to desired shape, using common hand tools. Thickness: 0.2 inches. Sheet size: 3' x 3'.

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Biostop™ / Metacaulk Pipe Collars

Prefabricated galvanized steel/intumescent lined collars for firestopping PVC, CPVC, ABS, PP plastic pipe penetrating concrete, drywall and/or wood frame construction. Available in sizes to fit the outside diameter of plastic pipe. Quick installation assured via simple “suitcase” latch.

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Biostop™ / Metacaulk Wrap Strip

Flexible strip of highly intumescent firestop material used primarily for plastic and insulated pipe applications. When exposed to heat, this product expands greatly and forms a strong char to seal off the penetration by preventing the passage of flames and hot gases. Easy to apply-simply wrap required number of strips around penetrating item and push into annular space. Easy dispensing carton, and no cure time. Sold in rolls.

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Lectra-Stop™ / BoxGuard Fire Rated Intumescent Pads

Self-adhesive, intumescent pads for inserting on the back wall of single and double gang electrical outlet boxes. Used for providing 2-hour fire rated wall assemblies when electrical outlet boxes have been installed “back to back” rather than 24 inch on center. Non conductive. For installation only by licensed electricians complying with NEC 70 or other applicable codes.

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Bio / Metacaulk Firestop Pillows

Compressive, intumescent UL® Classified, FM Approved firestop pillows used in large openings with cable trays, cables, and multiple penetrations. Installed without wire mesh in most installations. Used for both temporary and permanent applications.

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Biostop™ / Metacaulk Fire Rated Putty

Available in two forms: Putty Sticks and Putty Pads. Putty Sticks are used to seal around penetrating items through fire rated walls, floors and blank openings. For use with electrical cables, conduit and metal pipe. Hand moldable with no curing time required. Will not dry out and can be re-used as additional penetrating items are removed or installed. Putty Pads are used to maintain the hourly rating of fire rated walls containing electrical outlet boxes and to reduce sound transmission. Only one pad thickness (1/8'') is required for a 1 or 2 hour fire rating. Required by Building Codes in rated partitions where horizontal separation of opposite facing boxes is less than 24'' horizontally. Biostop Putty Sticks & Pads are sold in full box quantities only.

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