About Marshalltown Nu-Pride. All Marshalltown brick trowels are forged from a single piece of high grade tool steel. Impact area is stronger to provide extra endurance, while the flexibility is just right for proper “feel.” Marshalltown is the brand professionals prefer. Nu-Pride is Marshalltown’s economy line. All blades are tempered, ground and polished. Each tool is fitted with a hardwood handle with a steel ferrule securely attached. Please feel free to call us for a complete Marshalltown & Nu-Pride product listing.




Nu-Pride Pointing Trowels

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Nu-Pride Margin Trowel

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Marshalltown Margin Trowels

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Marshalltown Bucket Trowel

Used for scraping bucket walls or inside mortar boxes.

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Marshalltown Gauging Trowel

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Nu-Pride Tuck Pointers

Specially designed for repairing brick work. Blade size and shape allow easy access between bricks. This trowel has a tempered blade; fully ground and polished.

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Nu-Pride Brick Jointers

Made from high carbon steel, each end makes a different size rounded joint. Polished to make a slick joint.

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Marshalltown Wood Line Blocks

Shaped from poplar hardwood, this wood line block is preferred by many bricklayers. Sold in pairs. Length: 3 3/4".

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Marshalltown Brick Tongs

Heavy duty tongs designed and built for long wear. Can be quickly adjusted to carry from six to ten bricks. Minimum length: 16".

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Marshalltown Brick Hammer

Quality hammer forged in one piece from high grade steel. Perfectly balanced and securely fitted with a comfortable hickory handle. 16 oz. Handle length: 11".

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Estwing Mason’s Hammers

Forged one piece solid steel construction eliminates any possibility of loose heads. This tool has unsurpassed balance and is double tempered for added strength. Exclusive nylon-vinyl cushion safety grip will not loosen or wear out. Fully polished.

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Brick Chisel

Forged from the highest quality carbon steel. Tempered to the correct final hardness. Well balanced for a comfortable feel. Thin, strong blade assures a clean, crisp cut. Overall size: 4" x 7".

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Stone Mason’s Chisel

The perfect tool for cutting concrete block, cinder block, brick and veined stones such as Arizona or Crab Orchard.  Thin, strong blade assures clean, crisp cuts.  Oversall size: 8" x 2-1/4".

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