Straight Bits - Single Flute, Plunge Cutting.

Single Flute, Plunge Cutting.

Designed for roughing operations where high-production feed rates are essential. Optimum chip clearance. Specially designed tip for fast plunge cutting.

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Straight Bits - Two Flutes, Plunge Cutting.

Two Flutes, Plunge Cutting.

Designed to give excellent smoothness of cut and balanced cutting, with minimal vibration. Positive hook angles for efficient cutting. Strong webbing and heavy cutter backing give superior bit life. Specially designed tip for fastplunge cutting.

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Straight Bits - Two Flutes, Top Bearing Mounted

For use when lettering, plunge cutting, grooving, and templet cutting from above and below workpiece.

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Rabbeting Bits - Two Flutes, Ball Bearing Pilot

Two Flutes, Ball Bearing Pilot

For fast, smooth, rabbeting cuts without use of router guide.

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Chamfering Bits - Two Flutes, Ball Bearing Pilot

For beveling and decorative edging.

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Roundover Bits - Two Flutes, Ball Bearing Pilot

For smooth, uniformly rounded edges. Lower depth setting produces rounded corner with decorative bead.

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Edge Beading Bits - Ball Bearing Pilot

Versatile bit adds attractive edging on new pieces and matches many older molding cuts for remodeling work.

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Core Box Bits

Cuts rounded grooves used in a variety of applications ranging from doors to columns.

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V-Grooving Bits - Two Flutes

Two Flutes

Excellent for door front grooving, lettering, and sign work. Shear angle cutter geometry for smooth, efficient cutting.

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Hinge Mortising Bits

Fast-cutting bit for making mortises when work is started at the edge. Smooth finish cut makes this bit ideal for surfacing operations. Also used where good chip clearance is important in materials such as gummy wood. Cuts mortise for hinge butts with 5⁄8" corner radius. Will cut entire mortise in one pass. Purchase shank separately.

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2-Flute Laminate Flush Trimming Bits - Ball Bearing Pilot

Ball Bearing Pilot

For fast, smooth, accurate trim cuts. Shielded, compact ball bearing pilot.

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3-Flute Trimming Bit - Ball Bearing Pilot

Ball Bearing Pilot

Extra smooth cuts; for laminate trimming and trim cuts on heavier work when cutting using a templet. Can be used with two ball bearings to widen bearing surface and reduce templet wear.

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3-Flute Laminate Flush Trimming Bit

Ball Bearing Pilot

Gives chatter-free production trimming with extra smooth, flush trim cut. Compact ball bearing assembly is equipped with glue shield.

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Flush And Bevel 3-Flute Laminate Trimmer Assemblies

Ball Bearing Pilot

For extra smooth production trimming. Assembly includes arbor, replaceable 3-wing cutter, and ball bearing. A favorite bit in high-production shops for years.

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Flush Trimmer Bit

Makes flush, trim, edge cut. Self-pilot.

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