General Purpose 5 Channel Cable Protector

Rating 20,000 lbs. Accepts up to 1.3" diameter cable or hose.

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Tuff Plate Heavy Duty Cable Protector

Heavy duty assembly can protect up to 5 cords/hoses. Rated for 40,000 lbs. but weigh only 25 lbs. each.  Protects cables and hose lines up to 1.3" in diameter.

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UltraTech Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection System

Fully modular and customizable design allows for curves, corners and unlimited lengths. Simply slide, and click to connect. Protects cords and cables and eliminates trip hazards. Simple installation – No tools required. Helps meet OSHA regulations 29CFR1910.304 and 29CFR1910.305. 3' lengths and 1' extensions available. Color: Black and Yellow.

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Colony Cord Support Hooks

An economical, fast and easy way to get cords off the floor, thereby eliminating potential trip hazards and protecting cords from damage. Can hang from pipe, strut or steel beam. 3 1/2” diameter cradle with latch accommodates several extension cords. Maximum support recommended spacing: 4-5’ O.C. Max. Load: 50 lbs. Cord support hook is plenum rated per UL 2043.

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Quick Hook Cord Hanger

Holds up to 40 pounds.  Installs in seconds; hook, suspend or screw in place.  A solution for 15 cord related OSHA regulations.  Non-conductive.  Made in the USA.

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