Southwire QWIKROPE®

High performance pulling rope made from ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers.  12 Strand single braided 9/16" pulling rope with a breaking strength of 32,000 lbs., pound for pound stronger than steel.  Does not absorb water, no rope rot.  9/16" QWIKrope® recommended for use with all Maxis® cable pullers

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Maxis Pulling Rope

Cable pulling rope designed for high breaking strength with low stretch.  The double braid weave provides enhanced strength and increased pulling capability.  Manufactured by Southwire.

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Pulling Rope

Double braided composite rope designed for use with high force cable pullers. Double braided inner core with an extra double braided outer jacket for added strength and minimal stretch. White with green tracer. Rot and mildew resistant. Packed on sturdy wooden reel.

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Greenlee Cream Cable Pulling Lubricant

Light yellow cream makes pulling faster and easier. Adheres well to cable without messy drippings. Cleans up easily. Non-staining. Won’t break down or separate after exposure to freezing cold or blistering heat. Compatible with all insulation types. Environmentally safe/non-hazardous.

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Greenlee Gel Cable Pulling Lubricant

Transparent blue gel for less friction and easier pulling. Cleans up quickly. Higher lubricity than competitive products. Doesn’t dry out or cement itself into the pipe. Compatible with all insulation types. Environmentally safe/non-hazardous.

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Hook Sheaves

Can be used with any Greenlee cable puller. Strong welded steel frames. Forged steel closure type hooks have a 1" opening. Made of aluminum alloy with self lubricated bearings. Maximum rated capacity: 8,000 lbs.

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Screw-on Coupling for Conduit

Use to attach the VersiBoom to the conduit when pulling from overhead. The coupler and adapter threads onto the conduit and pins to the VersiBoom. The coupling and adapter must be used together. One adapter fits all of the screw-on couplings.

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Nylon Cable Protector

Fits in the end of conduit to shield the cable from sharp edges as it is being fed through. Rugged nylon construction resists abrasion.

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