Greenlee Super Tugger® Power Unit

6,500 lb. rated puller. Features a unique floor mounting attachment for quick, reliable set up. Leaf type mounting chains won’t twist when tightening. Heat treated steel serrated gripper feet for secure mounting to conduit. Right angle sheave allows the operator to stand out of the direct line of force. Audio alarm high force warning and circuit breaker shut off at maximum force for equipment protection and operator safety. Tapered capstan and patented rope guidance system for better control of the rope when feeding onto the capstan. Includes force gauge and vise chains.

Adapter package allows you to  attach 640 Tugger® and 6001 Super Tugger® to the carriage. Pulls up to 20 feet of cable out of the box without setting anchors and mounting the puller to the floor. Comes pre-assembled and includes wheeled carriage; 4' (1.2m) boom; boom adapter; nose unit; 2 1/2", 3" and 4" slip-in couplings; 2", 3", and 4" screw-on couplings.

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Greenlee Ultra Tugger® Power Unit

Greenlee’s most powerful and technologically advanced puller. Allows for longer pulls with fewer splices. Direct gear drive design. Smaller, lighter and more compact than the Tugger® and Super Tugger® models (weighs only 86 lbs.). Features a rope ramp guide which when located in its proper position, helps prevent pulling rope from overlapping on the capstan. The versatile fast set-ups with quick pins and attachments allow you to mount the puller to the conduit, concrete floor, or mobile boom covering any pulling application. Includes standard force gauge.

Model UT8 has a maximum pulling force of 8,000 lbs. and should be used where greater strength / power is required. Unit is interchangeable with all the Ultra Tugger® wheeled carriage and boom, as well as all Ultra Tugger® packages.

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