Cadweld Plus Impulse Exothermic Welding Control Unit

Enhanced power tool style grip is ergonomic and easy to hold. Self-closing trigger guard prevents accidental ignition, providing added safety. LED ignition counter provides instant feedback on the timing of the ignition and is visible in sunny outdoor conditions. Five second delay in ignition is a safety feature to allow the user to stop ignition, if necessary. Includes AA alkaline batteries to power approximately 600 connections. Easy-to-use alligator clip design of the termination clearly shows a positive connection in the viewing window

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Flint Ignitor

Used to ignite the starting material when making a Cadweld connection.

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Handle Clamps

Required for most molds. Specialized frames with handles are used on some molds. Flint ignitors are included with all Handle Clamps.

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Wrap Sleeve Copper Shim Pack

Cables smaller than indicated on mold tag can be welded by using a Cadweld Wrap Sleeve. Simply wrap around the cable until the diamter is about the same as the cable opening in the mold. Model B140A. 50 per pack.

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Mold Sealer

Ideal for sealing hot or cold molds to retard leakage from large stranded conductors. (Please note that this is required on certain mold types: HA, HB, HC, VG AND VN). Prolongs useful mold life when the cable opening becomes worn. Model T403.

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Chain Support Handle Clamp

Allows a Cadweld mold to be securely held to a vertical pipe using the clamp assembly consisting of a L160 Handle Clamp with a built in pipe attachment.

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Card Cloth Brush

Helps remove oxides from copper surfaces. Its short stiff bristles make this brush ideal for cleaning concentric conductors and bus bars, which are not heavily oxidized. Model T313.

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Cable Cleaning Brush

Cleans any conductor and is especially useful for coarse or very dirty conductors. The brushes can be rotated to provide new cleaning bristles and are replaceable. Model T314.

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Removes rust from any steel surface or galvanizing from hot dipped galvanized steel to expose the bare steel for welding. Curved blade makes it an efficient tool for flat surfaces. Model T321.

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Slag Removal Spades

Useful for removing the slag after making a Cadweld connection. Especially useful with horizontally split molds.

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Mold Cleaning Brush

Very useful for removing slag from molds especially vertical split molds. Model T394.

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