Sausage Pack Caulk Gun

15" Sausage pack quick change aluminum caulk gun. 18:1 thrust ratio. 24 oz bulk, 10 oz and 20 oz sausage packs and 10 oz cartridges.

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Chilton Caulking Gun

Our heaviest duty gun. Large, comfortable die cast aluminum handle. Reinforced side straps, utilizing projection welding to make the front end extra strong. Barrel turns so you can continue to caulk around corners without stopping. Accepts standard 11 oz. cartridges.

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E-Z Thrust 32 oz. Caulking Gun

Recommended for all grades of caulks, sealants and adhesives from heavy to light consistencies. Equipped with built in spout cutter and seal puncture tool. Accepts 32 oz. cartridges.

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Dripless Skeleton Caulk Gun

Rugged composite construction.  Engineered ergonomic grip.  Reduces stress in hand and arm.  Rotating barrel. Sharp precision cutter. Extra long clean-out. EZ clean surface and 40% lighter than models with similar features.

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Standard Ratchet Gun

Recommended for medium and light consistency caulks, sealants and adhesives. Sturdy, steel construction. Accepts standard 11 oz. cartridges.

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Superior E-Z Caulker

1/10 gallon superior E-Z thrust caulker, parallel frame, hex smooth rod caulk gun with e-z load open front cap and cartridge retainer spring e-z thrust mechanism, seal puncture tool, spout cutter & ladder hook, uniframe construction.

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Wexford Caulking Gun

Die cast zinc alloy body construction. Front and retaining plate, and drive rod made of high quality steel. Patented auto release mechanism stops the flow of caulk instantly when trigger is no longer squeezed. Accepts standard 11 oz. cartridges.

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E-Z Thrust Bulk/Sausage Pack Gun

Industrial grade loader with adjustable thrust ratio 14:1 or 7:1, making the extrusion from light to heavy viscosity products easy and comfortable. Patented Gator Trigger for comfort grip.  Rotating barrel with lock. Ring cap, 3 cones, and oval nozzle included. Capacity includes 32 oz. Bulk, 10oz., 20oz. and 30 oz. Sausage Packs, 10oz. Cartridges.

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Newborn 45° Angle Nozzle

Apply caulk in hard to reach places with extended 45-degree angle nozzle for use on both bulk and sausage guns.

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