Nu-Pride Finishing Trowels

These trowels have cast aluminum mountings securely fastened to hard temper, fully polished steel blades. The handle is smooth natural finish wood.

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Concrete Finishing Brush with Handle

Brushes used for applying a finish to newly poured concrete. Available in either horse hair (fine finish) or polypropylene (coarse finish). Three rows staple set in laquered hardwood block with one threaded handle hole and hang up hole.

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Marshalltown Midget Trowel

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Marshalltown Xtralite Finishing Trowels

Highest grade spring steel blade; properly shaped and tempered. Aluminum alloy mounting is lightweight but strong. Smooth basswood handle.

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Marshalltown Groovers - Heavy Duty Zinc

Each groover is finely finished to cut sharp, clean grooves. Smooth, comfortable Durasoft handle.

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Marshalltown Concrete Edgers

Made from carbon steel, sturdy mounting is welded to blade. Curved on both ends. Smooth comfortable durasoft handle.

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Marshalltown Zinc Concrete Edger

Heavy duty zinc is polished for smooth edging action. Longer lasting and heavier than bronze. Smooth comfortable durasoft handle.

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Marshalltown Wood Floats

Clear, seasoned redwood. 3/4" thick. Smooth handle securely attached. 16" float has beveled front edge.

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Marshalltown Magnesium Darbie

Extruded lightweight durable Darbie, with Durasoft handle.

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Marshalltown Magnesium Floats

Made from very hard, lightweight magnesium. Comfortable wood handle is positioned to give the tool perfect balance. Both ends are beveled.

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Marshalltown Magnesium Bull Float

Made from the finest extruded magnesium alloy available. Lightweight, long wearing and properly balanced to provide the finish you want. No concrete build-up, easy to clean. Comes with complete bracket assembly.

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Marshalltown Molded Rubber Float

The ideal float for bringing sand to the surface. The molded black rubber pad is very compact with a dense texture. This float face is permanently cemented to the lightweight aluminum backing.

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Marshalltown Rubber Floats

The red rubber pad has been specially bonded to the aluminum backing plate for long wear. Available in a fine or coarse pad. A comfortable handle is securely attached.

Marshalltown Rubber Floats

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Marshalltown Magnesium Handle Sections

Light, rigid handle sections are easily joined together. Large threads can be combined with similar handles made by others.

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