Proof Coil Grade 30 Chain

General utility low carbon steel chain used for such purposes as securing equipment, pulling stumps, lashing cargo, pipeline installations, tow chains, mooring use and truck tailgates. Zinc plated. Warning: Not to be used for overhead lifting. Sold in drums or by the foot.

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High Test Grade 43 Chain

High carbon steel chain that provides higher tensile strength and resistance to wear than general utility low carbon steel chain. High tensile strength and wear resistance make Grade 43 a better choice for heavy duty trucking, major construction activities and logging applications. Warning: Not to be used for overhead lifting. Sold in drums or by the foot.

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Eye & Eye Turnbuckles

Drop-forged carbon steel with galvanized finish. Our high-quality eye & eye turnbuckles meet design requirements of FF-T-791, Type 1, Form 1, Class 4.

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Hook to Eye Turnbuckle

Hot galvanized, drop forged turnbuckle. According to Federal Specification FF-T-791b.

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Single Jack Chain

Ideal for hanging electrical fixtures. Zinc plated. Sold in 100 foot rolls.

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Zinc plated. Size indicates maximum opening of Quick-Link. Grade 30

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Clevis Grab Hooks

Drop forged and heat treated carbon steel.

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Drop Forged Eyebolts

Shoulder pattern eyebolts forged from the best quality carbon steel, hardened and tempered to ensure increased strength and toughness. Each lot is tested and inspected to insure conformance to specifications. Standard UNC thread.

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Machinery Eye Bolt

Shoulder pattern.

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Clevis Slip Hooks

Drop forged carbon steel hooks. Design factor is four to one.

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Screw Pin Shackles

Shackle bodies are drop forged carbon steel. Hex bolts, screw and round pins are alloy steel. Design factor is five to one. Galvanized to meet ASTM A-153 specification. Shackle meets design requirements of federal specification RR-C-271, Type IVA, Grade A, Class 2.

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Screw Pin Shackles - Domestic

Screw pin anchor shackles can be used in tie down, towing, suspension or lifting applications.  Shackles are forged quenched and tempered with alloy pins. Shackle finish is hot dip galvanized.




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Forged Steel Eye Nut

Black Finish.

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2" Yellow Plastic Chain

Made of high density polyethylene.  Lightweight, strong and durable.  Will not rust, UV resistant.  Reusable.  Uses include:  Safety barrier, industrial safety, as well as, crowd and traffic control. Made in the USA.



*not suitable for lifting.

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