DeWalt Cast Aluminum Chalk Reel

Heavy-duty aluminum die-cast body for durability.  Felt gasket for uniformly distributed chalk.  Stainless steel hook and crank arm for abuse and corrosion resistance.  Tear-drop shape for use as a plumb bob.

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Strait-Line® Speed-Line® Chalk Reel

100’ Abrasion resistant polyline provides up to 6 strikes per pull. 3:1 Gear ratio rewinds line 3X faster than traditional chalk reels.

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DeWalt 3:1 Chalk Reel with Blue Chalk

This DEWALT® 3:1 Chalk Reel Kits with blue chalk is durable and allows for speed and efficiency with many features that help them be effective and easy to use. A 3:1 gear ratio allows for a smooth and quick retraction of line. The handle folds flush to the body for convenience storage. The clutch can be activated with a closed or open handle. Chalk line:  100 ft.

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Keson Little Giant Chalk Reel

This heavy duty construction grade chalk reel is designed to withstand the most rugged jobsite use. Features a heavy-steel, one-piece crank handle for fast rewinds. 110 foot cotton/poly cord holds almost one pound of chalk thereby eliminating frequent refills. Easy fill grommet. Small enough to hang on to a utility belt.

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Keson Giant Chalk Reel

Same features as the Keson Little Giant Chalk Reel described above, but with an extra long 130 foot cotton/poly cord. Refills are fast and easy; simply slide door open and fill. Other features include a heavy duty pull ring, shovel style grip handle and heavy duty crank handle for quick rewinds.

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Marking Chalk

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