3-Phase/Motor Rotation Tester

Identifies three-phase sequences and indicates motor rotation. Checks for open phases. For use up to 600V.

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Digital Multi Scanner

Bosch wall scanners find magnetic and non-magnetic metals, power cables, wooden substructures or even plastic pipes with maximum reliability and precision.  Includes: hand strap and 9V battery.

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Voltage Detector

Milwaukee® Voltage Detector is a rugged tool with the highest safety rating in the industry, CAT IV 1000V with a wide 50 to 1000 volt AC range.  Green light switch indicates tool is on. While blinking red light and loud beeper indicates the presence of voltage.  Pocket clip for easy storage.

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Circuit Seeker/Circuit Tracer

This tool features superior sensitivity and functionality providing for accurate tracing and locating. Tracing feedback is provided by both audible feedback and graphic display. Traces concealed wiring, locates junction boxes, and finds breakers for live or open circuits. Can be used on GFCI protected circuits, and does not affect sensitive electronic equipment on the circuit.

Operating Conditions:
Temperature: 0 to +50 ºC (32 to 122 ºF)
Altitude: 2000 m (6500’) maximum
Pollution Degree: 2
Indoor use only
Measurement Category: Category III, 750V
Operating Voltage: 0-750 V AC/DC
Live line LED indicates voltage above 12 VAC or 5 VDC
Frequency: 15.15 kHz
Low battery indicator
Batteries: Two AA batteries (NEDA 15A or IEC LR6)
Range from Receiver to item with Signal:
Live Line Mode – up to 20 ft (6 m) from circuit
Open Line Mode – Up to 10 ft. (3 m) with a metallic connection to ground.
1 to 3 ft. (.3 to .9 m) with a capacitive ground reference.

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Polarity Cube Circuit Tester

Plug and test with ease.  This unit is used to troubleshoot 120V AC grounded outlets.  Designed to work with typical 3-wire NEMA 120 volt receptacles.  Light sequence gives a visual indication of correct/incorrect wiring.  Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand for hours of testing.  The GT-10GFI works with GFI outlets and confirms that the ground fault outlet is working properly. Independently tested to UL’s protocol 1436.  Manufactured by Greenlee.

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