Black oxide spindle resists wear and tear while impeding rust.  Drop forged arm provides minimal flex under heavy work loads.  Swivel pad centers on workpiece for a sturdy hold.  Sturdy tommy bar is engineered for durability and comfort.

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Vise-Grip™ C-Clamps

Powerful locking mechanism guarantees no slippage. Jaws open wide for versatility.

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Vise-Grip™ C-Clamps With Swivel Pads

Swivel pads hold tapered work, awkward fabricating jobs, delicate projects. Stays adjusted for repetitive clamping.

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Pony Spring Clamps

Steel jaws, heavily plated for a smooth, bright finish and rust resistance. Heavy, tempered steel springs. Poly-vinyl handles and tips for comfort and firm gripping.

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Wilton Carriage Clamps

High tensile ductile alloy casting. Hardened steel spindle. Patented Perma-Pads® are guaranteed never to come off.

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Wilton Deep Throat C-Clamps

Extra throat depth. Drop-forged steel frame. Perma-Pads guaranteed to never come off. Through-hardened spindles are precision cut for smooth operation. Available in a standard or high visibility safety yellow finish. Series 400.

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Copper Plated C-Clamps

Drop forged frame C-Clamp with an antispatter, copper plated spindle, swivel pad and cross pin handle. Acme rolled spindle threads provide user with maximum strength and clamping force. Extra deep throat, supplied in high visibility coating.

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Heavy Duty Copper F-Clamps

These clamps are perfect for a wide variety of applications where extreme throat depth is necessary. Features copper plated solid steel spindles designed to resist weld spatter. Perma-Pad® swivels tilt up to 20 degree adapting to angular work pieces and are field replaceable. A rapid acting arm slides into place for quick tightening, and is opened just as easily, making repositioning simple.

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Bridge Clamps

Heavy duty, regular throat depth. Drop forged frame is heat treated for greater strength. Full length, large diameter spindles are hardened to prevent bending while protecting threads.

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3/4" H-Style Pipe Clamp

“H” shape foot assembly stabilizes clamp in two dimensions giving dual-axis stability. An economical alternative to the bar clamp. Virtually limitless clamping capacity determined by the length of the pipe used. 3.05 lbs.

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Bessey Steel Bar Clamps

Bar is 1/4" x 3/4" spring steel; 3/8" diameter steel screw. Multiple disc clutch permits instant adjustment.

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Quick-Grip™ Bar Clamps

Pistol grip handle allows you to hold the clamp and adjust pressure with one hand. One finger unlocks the quick-release trigger. Soft but durable pads prevent marring of work. Heat treated steel bar increases tool life.

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