Concrete Curing Blankets

Traps heat generated by hydration of cement and insulates new concrete from cold temperatures. Buttons and grommets on all corners. Size: 6' x 25'.

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Summer Curing Blanket

Lightweight summer curing blanket that is reusable. Consists of 5 mil white opaque polyethylene extruded onto 10 oz. burlap. The burlap layer distributes the water evenly over the covered surface, while the white opaque poly reflects the intense rays of the sun allowing for the concrete to cure perfectly. Needs no rewetting or resealing. Roll size: 10' x 100'.

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Brisk Heat 55 Gallon Mid-Temp Drum Heater

BriskHeat’s DHLS silicone band heater is an excellent source of heat for warming and reducing viscosity in many materials. The 4” wide wrap-around band heaters deliver an even heat to nearly the entire circumference of the container, ensuring an efficient and controlled warming process. A built-in dial control is used to adjust the heat output of the heater to a maximum setting of 160°F (71°C) while avoiding overheating and scorching the product.  120V.

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