SikaBit® S-60

SikaBit® S-60 is a proprietary composite, uniquely designed to provide high strength, low temperature adhesion and high temperature stability in a superior waterproofing membrane. A tough cross-laminated film forms a resilient barrier against physical damage and water migration. It is a cold applied system requiring no heat or special equipment to install. 3' x 6.77' roll (200 sq ft).

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Sika® Form Release 8000

Sika® Form Release 8000 produces a smooth, unstained architectural concrete surface ready for curing compounds, sealers, mastics, or paints when applied according to manufacturer’s instructions. Waterproofs mill oiled plywood forms to prevent the wicking of alkaline water from the concrete into the form, preventing the form from rotting out and raising the grain, thus doubling or tripling form life. Protects metal forms by chemically reacting and forming a rustproof film. Color: light brown.

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SikaBit® Primer AW

SikaBit® Primer AW is designed for use as a primer prior to the installation of self-adhering membranes. This thin solution readily penetrates pores and dries fast to provide a tacky, firm substrate for adhesion of the membranes. It is suitable for use over asphalt, wood, plywood, gypsum board and concrete surfaces. 1 Gallon can.



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Sika 3-in-1 Hoppers

3-in-1 Hoppers are constructed from highly durable, yet lightweight plastic for easy handling. The intake is 36" square with a graduated discharge that can be trimmed to fit 6", 8", and 12" diameter Elephant Trunks.

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Por-Rok® Anchoring Cement

Por-Rok anchoring cement is a non-shrink hydraulic controlled expansion cement in a ready to use preparation. Water is added at the job site to create a pourable, yet durable, anchoring, patching or grouting compound. Sets in 15-20 minutes. 1 lb. of Por-Rok yields approximately 13 cubic inches. Attains compressive strength of 5,090 psi after 60 minutes, and 9,254 psi after 7 days. Use Por-Rok to set anchors, patch concrete floors and walls, and for grouting heavy machinery and structural columns. Packaged in heavy duty plastic buckets.

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Sika® Hydrotite CJ

Sika® Hydrotite® IS A state-of-the-art hydrophilic waterstop with unmatched durability and watersealing capacity. Comprised of non-bentonite, modified chloroprene rubber, Sika® Hydrotite® expands up to eight times its original volume when exposed to water. This expansion creates an effective compression seal within joints of limited movement.

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Super Por-Rok® Anchoring Cement

All weather, quick setting, pourable, nonmetallic, non-shrinking grout. Mixes with water and sets in 20 minutes. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Achieves a compressive strength of 4,500 psi after 1 day and up to 5,600 psi after 7 days. 1 lb. of Super Por-Rok yields approximately 13 cubic inches.

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Por-Rok® Aqua Plug™

Durable water resistant hydraulic cement which sets in 3 to 5 minutes. Just add water and mix. Designed to stop leaks or running water, patch cracks and fill holes in masonry surfaces. For interior or exterior surfaces. Achieves a compressive strength of 1,250 psi after 20 minutes and increases to 4,500 psi after 28 days. 1 lb. of Aqua Plug fills approximately 12 cubic inches.

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Rockite Anchoring Cement

Rockite anchoring cement is specially formulated to give unexcelled strength and bonding qualities. Flows easily into place when mixed with water to pourable consistency.  With in one hour they will develop compression strengths of 4500 psi. Anchoring Bolts, Buildings, Partitions, Machines, Appliances, Tools, Railings, Hardware and Posts to Concrete, other Masonry Floors and Walls.

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Perfect for leveling rough, uneven wood or concrete floors. Lev-L-Lastic® is a two component product comprising of a powder and resin emulsion binder that are mixed prior to use. Lev-L-Lastic® is trowel-applied over a concrete, wood, quarry tile, terrazzo or resilient floor sub-surface to form an underlayment for the installation of asphalt or vinyl tile, linoleum and other types of floor surfacing materials. Coverage per pound: 1 Gallon of Bonding Agent and 40 lbs. of Lev-L-Lastic® powder cover approximately 80 square feet at 1/16'' thickness. Color: Gray/Red tint.

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Dash Patch

For floor underlayment, Dash Patch is used to fill cracks, score lines and ruts in dry concrete sub-flooring and for patching holes or cracks in wood sub-floors. Bonds to concrete, wood, or plaster. When Dash Patch is mixed with water, it forms a plastic composition that can be troweled onto most surfaces to provide a smooth base prior to the installation of vinyl tile, rubber, cork, wood and carpeting flooring products. Rapid setting time, high early strength, and durable. Trowels easily onto a smooth surface. Can be feather-edged or used in thicknesses up to 1/2''. 100 lbs. (4 bags) of Super Dash Patch will cover approximately 180 square feet at 1/16'' thickness. Color: Gray. 25 lb. bag.  Curing time minimum 90 minutes.

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SikaQuick® VOH Overhead and Vertical Repair Mortar

SikaQuick® VOH is a fast setting, one component, ready-to-use repair mortar for vertical and overhead applications using specialty cement blends. Easy to use; just add water. Time, labor-saving material; application up to 3" on vertical surfaces in one layer. Overhead thickness up to 2". High bond strength ensures excellent adhesion. Suitable for exterior and interior applications.

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SikaQuick® 1000

SikaQuick® 1000 is a one component, rapid hardening, early strength gaining, cementitious, patching material for concrete. Specially suited for hot weather applications when extended working time is required.  Rapid hardening as defined by ASTM C-928.  Epoxy coatings can be applied as early as 6 hrs. On site testing is recommended for verification. Please consult coatings manufacturer for recommendations.  Freeze/thaw resistant.  Easy to use, labor-saving material

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Sikacrete®-211 SCC Plus

Sikacrete®-211 SCC Plus is a one-component, self consolidating concrete containing factory blended coarse aggregate. This self consolidating concrete bag is silica fume and polymer modified and also contains a migrating corrosion inhibitor. 65 lb. bag

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Sikadur 31 Hi-Mod Gel

A two component, moisture tolerant, high modulus, high strength structural epoxy paste adhesive. Used in bonding of concrete, masonry, wood, metals to a maximum glue line of 1/8”. Can be used to grout bolts, dowels, pins both vertically and overhead. Seals cracks and around injection ports prior to pressure-injection grouting. Also used as a pick-proof sealant around windows and doors. Supplied as a 2-part component. Part A: 2 gallon pail. Part B: 1 gallon pail. Color: Concrete Gray.

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SikaGrout®-212 Grout

SikaGrout®-212 is a one-component, ready to mix, free flowing, non-shrink, cementitious grout with a unique 2-stage shrinkage compensating mechanism. Good bond to concrete. Non-metallic, will not stain or rust. Contains no chloride. Blend of shrinkage-reducing and plasticizing/water-reducing agents. Low heat build-up. Excellent for pumping: does not segregate, even at high flow. No build-up on equipment hopper. Superior freeze/thaw resistance. Resistant to oil and water.

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SikaTop®-123 Plus

SikaTop®-123 Plus is a two-component, polymer-modified, Portland cement-based, fast-setting, non-sag mortar. It is a high performance repair mortar for vertical and overhead surfaces and offers the additional benefit of Sika FerroGard® 901, a penetrating corrosion inhibitor included in its formulation. Component A: 1 gallon jug Component B: 44 lb. bag

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SikaSet® Plug

SikaSet® Plug is a versatile, fast-setting, Portland cement water-stop. When mixed with water it becomes a mortar/grout to stop pressure leakage and seepage. For grouting railings of wood, concrete, and metal. 5 gal (50 lb) pail.

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Sika® Level-325

Sika® Level-325 is a one-component, durable and versatile cementitious underlayment for interior and exterior concrete and cementitious substrates. It can be applied manually or by pump to produce a self-smoothing, rapid-setting and flat substrate prior to the application of a final floor finish. Typical application thickness is 1/8” up to 1-1/2” (3 up to 38 mm). 55 lb. bag

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Sika® Level-01 Primer Plus

Sika® Level-01 Primer Plus is a one-part, water-dispersed and solvent-free, acrylic-based solution used to prime and seal floor surfaces prior to the application of Sika® Level products. Penetrates substrate to reduce outgassing and formation of bubbles in the underlayment. Prevents water loss from the underlayment into the substrate. One gallon.

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