DBI/Sala™ Tripod Rescue & Retrieval System

This system combines a sealed self retracting lifeline and a tripod to form a lightweight, portable system. The 50' self retracting lifeline provides fall protection and incorporates an energy (shock) absorbing feature plus a sealed design prevents foreign elements from entering the mechanism. When emergency retrieval is required, the built-in winch is engaged and the victim can be raised or lowered to safety. This winch also features a "neutral" position which allows the worker in the confined space movement, without an operator having to release additional cable. Aluminum construction tripod has locking legs, rubber shoes and safety chains to prevent movement. Height is adjustable in 2 3/4" increments. Meets all strength requirements. System includes a 7' tripod with mounting bracket, 50' sealed self retracting lifeline, and nylon carrying case for the lifeline.

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Arc-O-Pod Rescue & Retrieval System

3-Way Confined Space Rescue Retrieval Retractable.  Easy handle feature allows for quick adjustment and movement of the 3-way retractable. High quality machined parts provide durability and dependability.  Proprietary design of internal mechanisms have created a cost effective system.   This 7' aluminum tripod is lightweight and portable, easily set-up by one worker and can be transported with minimal effort from one location to another. Locking legs adjust in increments of 2" for added safety and will span a 5½ ft diameter hole. Legs are nonslipping to eliminate handling difficulty while adjusting.  Complete with safety chain to prevent movement and safety shoes incorporate a rubber sole for flat surfaces and spiked edges for slippery surfaces.  Heat treated cast aluminum head incorporates a built-in pulley system to rout lifetime of mechanical devise directly over the opening. Rated working load is 350 lbs. for work support and 310 lbs for fall arrest and can withstand up to 5,000 lbs of vertical pull.

Meets or exceeds the strength requirements for anchorage's (5,000 lbs.), ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10.14 and OSHA requirements.


Kit includes Bag, Brackets, Pulley, Chains and 3-Way Rescue Retrieval Retractable.

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