Z.R.C. Cold Galvanizing Compound

95% pure zinc metal content liquid compound stops rust and creepage on any surface, any size. Recognized by independent tests to be the equivalent of hot-dip galvanizing when applied in a dry film thickness of 3 mils. Renews worn or broken hot-dip galvanized surfaces. Effective on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Can be applied by brush, spray or roller. Non-toxic. No mixing necessary. Ready for use directly from container. Unlimited applications.

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Galvilite Cold Galvanizing Compound

Same great performance as the Z.R.C. Cold Galvanizing Compound but dries to a lighter, brighter shade of grey to better match existing hot-dip galvanized materials. Excellent for touching up chain link fence or guard rail.

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SP-400™ Corrosion Inhibitor

Long-term indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor that provides protection of all equipment subject to heat, humidity, chemicals or severely corrosive atmospheres. Use on machined surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage. Indoor/Outdoor protection up to 2 years.

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LPS 3® Heavy Duty Rust Inhibitor

Long term protection LPS 3® protects metal parts stored indoors for up to two years. It forms a soft, self-healing, waxy film that acts as an effective barrier sealing out moisture, acid, dirt, sand, dust and other corrosive elements. LPS 3® also provides non-sling lubrication. Safe to use on most surfaces. Does not contain any chlorinated solvents or silicone. 11oz. aerosol can.

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