Classic Tone and Probe Kit

This classic tone and probe kit includes includes a high power tone generator and a tone probe amplifier in a rugged, woven nylon carrying case Tone Probe Amplifiers permit wire and cable identification without having to make direct metallic contact with the conductor. Powerful speaker is suitable for noisy environments.

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Model 468 Modular Cable Tester Kit

Identifies opens, shorts, reversals, transposed pairs and alerts the technician if connected to an active circuit.  Simply connect any 8-position modular plug to the appropriate jack on the transmitter and a sweeping tone signal is applied to all pairs.  Use an Inductive Amplifier (i.e. Models 200EP or 200FP) to locate the corresponding plug or jack. Connecting the receiver unit automatically activates the test process. Sequencing red and green LED’s provide fast, accurate and simple to understand results. Battery not included. Model 468. Manufactured by Progressive Electronics.

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