Heavy Duty Mesh Debris Tarps

These tarps are made of high density, high strength mesh material with ultra-fine openings. Designed to contain debris, yet allow air to go through. Features heavy duty stitching and heavy duty brass grommets. Designed for horizontal applications and not to be used as horizontal personnel netting.

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Heavy Duty FR Mesh Debris Tarp

Colony Hardware’s Fire Retardant Mesh Tarps are 1/16” knitted debris netting fabricated with reinforced hemmed edges and brass grommets. Mesh tarps can be used to create a building containment system during new construction, exterior & interior restoration, scaffolding usage, spray fireproofing, plastering, stucco and drywall installation.  Made from 70% knitted mesh, our tarps are air permeable, yet is dense enough to provide containment of debris, dust and various other job-site materials.  Include a folded and hemmed internal seam located along the middle of the tarp with additional grommets that provide an additional tie-off point and reduces flapping.  Our tarps help to provide a safer job-site with reduced risk of injury from falling debris (not to be used as horizontal personnel netting).  Tear and rip resistant, simple to use and easy to install, our Colony tarps keep your job-site on time and on budget!

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