Colony offers a wide range of diamond blades that will meet more any application, at any price point.


Standard Segmented Diamond Blades

Our most economically priced blade will deliver clean, fast cuts in brick, block, and cured concrete with soft or medium aggregate.

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Segmented Blades Wet or Dry

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Premium Segmented Diamond Blades

Same features as our standard blades, but with a higher diamond content for longer blade life.

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Side Winder T-Style Blades

Side Winder cut-off saw blades are professional quality blades for concrete, brick and stone.  Angled segment and curved channel give the Side Winder a faster cutting pattern than any blade in it's class.  Narrow gullet design allows the Side Winder to cut as smooth as a turbo blade.  Patented T-segments eliminate the problem of segment loss due to under cutting.  .335" tall segments with high quality diamonds give the Side Winder outstanding life.

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Beast Segmented Diamond Blade

Beast series has a 10mm segment height designed to cut cured concrete and masonry applications.  This high speed blade is intended to use on high speed hand-held saws, masonry saws and low horse power walk-behind saws.

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Husqvarna VH5 Diamond Blade

The VH5 is a general purpose blade for cutting cured concrete, and brick. This blade is made for dry or wet cutting, is diffusion bonded and is a quality grade level product.

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