Die Heads Complete

Alloy steel, right handed. Fits Models 12-R manual pipe threaders, Ridgid Model 700 Portable Power Drives. Includes die head and set of four dies. 12-R Die Heads also fit Mini-Collins power threader.

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Die Heads for Manual Threaders

High Speed for Plastic Coated Pipe

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Ridgid Pipe Dies For Die Heads

Replacement pipe dies for Ridgid Ratchet Threaders Models 00-R, 12-R, 111-R, 0-R, and 11-R. Also fits 30-A, 31-A and 3-Way Pipe Threaders. Alloy steel, right handed. NPT (National Pipe Taper). Sold in sets of 4 dies.

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Pipe Dies for Universal Die Heads

Pipe dies listed up to 2" fit Model 711 Universal Die Head.  These dies also fit Models 504A, 815A, 713 and 811A Ridgid die heads.  Dies larger than 2" will fit both Models 714 and 914 Die Heads.  Right handed.

Alloy Dies -Come standard with Ridgid threading machines. Most economical and adequate for standard metal pipe threading.

High Speed Dies -Higher quality dies will outperform alloy for up to two times longer die life.

Stainless Steel Dies -Designed specifically for Stainless Steel threading. Use only in stainless applications (do not try to thread non-stainless pipe after using these dies in stainless steel).

NPT (National Pipe Thread)

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