Krud Kutter® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Disinfectant

Krud Kutter® Heavy Duty Cleaner & Disinfectant is a ready-to-use, one-step, heavy duty cleaner combined with a fume-free disinfectant. It deodorizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It also controls and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces without the use of bleach. Works on vinyl, brass, glazed porcelain, baked enamel, glazed ceramic, laminated surfaces, plastic, copper, and chrome. Available in 5-gallon bucket.

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Shockwave Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Convenient, ready-to-use formulation is perfect for situations when a clean water source is not available. ShockWave RTU is designed for use on various surfaces subject to microbial contamination, ideal for flooding and mold remediation.

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Nova™ Concentrated Germicidal Cleaner & Disinfectant

A concentrated broad spectrum germicidal cleaner, disinfectant, and deodorizer all in one. The lemon-scented solution meets the EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19) when used as directed. The formula is phosphate-free and is a great tool where the need of controlling the hazard of cross-contamination on treated surfaces is important. Nova is a concentrated formula that when used as a hospital grade disinfectant, it needs to be diluted at 4 oz of solution per gallon of water and have a dwell time of 10 minutes

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16 oz Spray Bottle

Translucent plastic allows you to see exactly how much formula you are mixing. Triggers are sold separately; most fit this bottle.

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Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant II

A unique, proprietary solution is botanically-derived and offers significant advantages over existing botanical solutions on the market. Provides superior cleaning so users don’t have to resort to two separate products for disinfection and cleaning. No irritating, lingering fumes that are associated with first-generation botanical formulas. EPA-registered bactericide, virucide, tuberculocide and fungicide that contains no harmful chemicals. The solution has no warning labels and requires no PPE.

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Chlorine Bleach

Bleach chlorine liquid 5.25% 1-gallon bottle.

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TB Quat Disinfectant

TB Quat by Warsaw Chemical is a ready-to-use quaternary disinfectant, detergent, and deodorant that has been pre-approved by the EPA for use against emerging enveloped viral pathogens, including Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Sold 12 quarts per case.

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First Defense Disinfectant

First Defense Disinfectant is a hospital disinfectant for hard non-porous surfaces and have both norovirus and human coronavirus listed on the label as viruses it is effective against. Available in 5-gallon bucket.

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Dispensing Pump for Gallon Bottle

Ideal for oils and solvents, this pump pumps one ounce per stroke. Cap (38mm) with 10-3/4" tube length. Fits gallon bottle.

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Commercial Multi-Purpose Lavender Concentrate

Effectively removes dirt and grime from fixtures, floors, countertops, and other hard surfaces. Concentrated formula can be diluted in ratios of 2 ounces per gallon of water. Fresh lavender fragrance.

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32 oz. Trigger Bottle

32-ounce spray bottle is perfect for cleaners, concentrates, pesticides and more.  (Bottle and trigger sold separately).

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Maintenance One's All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach

Maintenance One's All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach is recommended for cleaning, deodorizing as well as removing mold and mildew stains on hard nonporous surfaces. 1 Gallon.

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Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner

Pine-Sol All Purpose Cleaner fights dirt, grime, and grease, while deodorizing and removing 99% of allergens on most surfaces. Pine-Sol gives you 4X cleaning action and a great, long lasting lemon scent.

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Disinfectant Spray with Bleach

One solution to clean and deodorize, remove stains and disinfect. Specifically formulated to kill 99.9% of germs including cold, flu, Norovirus and Hepatitis A. Effective against Norovirus and Hepatitis A in one minute. 32-ounce bottles. 4 per case.

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Peroxide Cleaner & Disinfectant

EPA-registered, peroxide-based formula is powerful, highly effective and fast killing on a variety of surfaces. Kills Norovirus in as little as 45 seconds. 32-ounce bottle. 6 per case.

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Spectral RTU To Use Disinfectant Spray

Spectral RTU to use disinfectant spray is a one-step hospital-use disinfectant cleaner and deodorant. It quickly removes dirt, grime, food residue, blood and other organic matters. It eliminates odors leaving surfaces smelling clean and fresh kills 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 seconds**. Sold in ready to use 32-ounce bottles.

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Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner cleans, deodorizes and disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces in one step with no rinsing required. Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner cleans grease and grime and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner is safe for most surfaces and contains no phosphates or bleach. COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Mean Green Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the CDC website for additional information.

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