Dry Cutting Core Bit System


Mongoose Core Drilling Machine

Designed specifically to be used with all sizes up to 6” in diameter of Mongoose Dry Diamond Core Bits. This machine can also be used with conventional wet bore bits up to 4”* in diameter. The Mongoose Drilling Machine’s features includes a water feed with shutoff, adjustable shoulder stock and slip clutch for operator safety. The machine has a 18mm male thread with adapters for 5/8"-11 and 1-1/4"-7. Includes a 360 degree side handle and tool kit.  Drilling safety standards require the use of a drill stand (71-8004) on any holes over 3" diameter.

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Mongoose Dry Diamond Core Bits

Drills concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, bluestone and limestone. Absolutely dry-no water needed! (Mongoose bits can be used wet or dry.) Drills up to 10" deep using a standard electric drill. No set up time. Plug in your drill and go to work. No need to use an expensive core rig; Mongoose bits are designed to be used with the Mongoose Core Drilling Machine described below, or hammer drills with an optimuim running range of 1,500 to 2,000 rpm. Requires use of a spring loaded center pin and shank, which are interchangeable between bits. Mongoose Bits are sold as “set” which includes the bit, center pin, and hex shank.

Please Note: Do not use Mongoose Bits in hammer mode; designed to be used in drill mode only.

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Dry Cut Diamond Core Bits

Dry diamond bit for coring holes in block, brick, terra cotta and soft masonry up to 5" diameter using an angle grinder. Cores a clean, neat hole in less than one minute with no spawling. 5/8"-11 standard thread with 9" drilling depth. Not designed for use on solid concrete. Designed to be used on a 7" or 9" 5,000 RPM angle grinder.

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Dry Diamond Vacuum Bits

Designed to be run on a 7" or 9" 5,000 RPM grinder or a standard core drill. Must be used with the Air Vacuum Swivel Assembly and connected to a good quality, two-stage vacuum. This bit will drill through brick, block and cured concrete while eliminating dust. Please note: Do not use in applications with steel (i.e. rebar) heavier than wire mesh. Thread size: 1 1/4"-12. Drilling depth: 9".  For best results , use with contractor grade vacuum such as Fein Turbo II or Alto wet / dry vac see page ______.

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Air Vacuum Swivel Assembly

Designed for use with Dry Vacuum Core Bits. 5/8"-11 female, 1 1/4"-12 male thread. Fits onto most 7" or 9" grinders and core motors. Port accepts most standard vacuum hoses. Sold separately.

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Vacuum Bit Extension

12" long swivel extension designed specifically to be used with Dry Diamond Vacuum Bits.

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