Marshalltown Drywall Trowels

Highest grade spring steel available; properly shaped and tempered. Excellent balance. Curved blade for finishing drywall joints.

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Marshalltown Aluminum Hawks

Made of heavy gauge hand-rolled aluminum that makes them lightweight, but durable. The edges have been smoothed and the corners rounded for convenience purposes. Each hawk has a 3-5/8" flange with extended hub that is threaded for the handle. Handle and sponge rubber callous preventer are also included.

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Marshalltown Taping Knife

Flexible blue spring steel blade. Comfortable handle securely attached. An all purpose tool for applying and feathering drywall joint compound. Tapered blade for corner work.

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Marshalltown Notched Trowel

This notched trowel has an aluminum mounting attached to a tempered steel blade; smooth wood handle. Used to spread adhesive or mastic to base surface: 11” x 4 1/2”.

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Marshalltown Plastic Mud Pan

Long wearing plastic mud pan is equipped with 2 metal wiping blades. Resists chemicals and temperature changes. Sides are slightly textured to provide non-slip surface. Top length is 14-7/8".

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Marshalltown Drywall Circle Cutter

Cut clean, sharp circles of up to 16" in diameter with one hand. Measure accurately on the calibrated steel shaft. The hardened cutter wheel and center pin will remain sharp indefinitely. Length: 8-1/2".

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Stanley Wallboard Saw

Designed especially for cutouts in plasterboard such as electrical outlets. Self-starting point-sharpened for plunge cuts. Blade is epoxy bonded to the stained wood handle keeping the blade secure even under rugged use. Blade length: 6".

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Marshalltown Swivel Pole Sander

Combining this sander with a 48” pole handle permits sanding anywhere. It is made of reinforced die cast aluminum bonded to a foam rubber pad. The fast, positive lock clamps securely holding the sandpaper in place. Size: 9-1/2" x 3-1/4".

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