Bosch SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Mobile Dust Extractor

Mobile dust extractor design is built to deliver maximum mobility used with the Bosch cordless GBH18V-26D D-handle Bulldog™.  HEPA filter so users can move toward OSHA silica dust regulation compliance.   Two Dust-Eyes and 4” extension available in 5/8” and 1” sizes for use with bits 5/32” to 1” diameter and up to 10” in length.  Aluminum guide rail provides smooth retraction of the Dust Eye during the drilling application.  Dust container provides capacity for up to 20 holes using a ½” diameter bit drilling 2” deep into concrete.  Compatible with Bosch 2KG D-Handle Bulldog™ hammers – designed to fit 1” 11255VSR and 1-1/8” GBH2-28L and RH228VC corded models, as well as the 1” 18V GBH18V-26D cordless model. Includes: SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Mobile Dust Extractor, dust container, HEPA filter, auxiliary handle, 5/8 in. dust eye, 1” dust eye, and 4” extension.

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Milwaukee Vacuum Assisted Dust Extractor

The only universal tool of its kind on the market, the HAMMERVAC™ Vacuum Assisted Dust Extractor delivers a universal solution at low cost of ownership for dust extraction needs. The HAMMERVAC™ universal handle system allows quick set up and is compatible with major brands of SDS Plus rotary hammers and AC/DC hammer drills so users can drill safely into concrete and masonry without purchasing a new drill. It features a universal vacuum attachment system that is compatible with standard hose sizes of wet dry vacuums. This allows a standard wet dry vacuum to provide power and suction needed to remove dust as holes are drilled. Includes (3) side handle clamping collar assemblies, a replacement nozzle, adjustable depth stop and ruler.

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Milwaukee SDS-Max Dust Extraction Attachment

SDS Max Dust Extraction Attachment provides users with a solution for the regulation on respirable crystalline silica dust (29 CFR 1926.1153).  The SDS Max Dust Extraction Attachment is optimized for all drilling depths and any hole ranging from ¼” and 2-3/4” in diameter. Its removable brush rings allows for increased tool life when performing larger dry coring applications. Attach to the Milwaukee (25-0282) 8 Gallon Dust Extractor for a complete OSHA Table 1 compliant solution.

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Milwaukee Hammervac™ Universal Dust Extractor Kit

Compatible with major power tool brands of SDS Plus Rotary Hammers and AC / DC Hammer drills, the M12™ HAMMERVAC™ Universal Dust Extractor is the industry's only Universal dust extractor.  Featuring a replaceable certified HEPA filter for high quality debris filtration, the user is able to replace the filter independently of the dust box to cost-effectively maintain suction efficiency.  Powered by the M12™ RED LITHIUM battery pack for maximum portability.  Kit includes:  M12™ HAMMERVAC™ Universal Dust Extractor, (2) M12™ RED LITHIUM battery, (1) M12™ Lithium-ion Battery Charger, carrying case, HEPA filter, nozzles, and side handle clamping collar assemblies.

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Milwaukee SDS+ DUST TRAP™ Drilling Shroud

The industry's first OSHA® compliance solution without a vacuum, ideal for overhead drilling applications. The universal fit allows the DUST TRAP™ to work with all SDS Plus rotary hammers and SDS Plus drill bits up to an 8" length, including stop bits and other anchor installations tools. The clear sleeve allows visibility.

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DeWalt 5" Surface Grinding Dust Shroud

Dust collection shroud with flush grinding door allows dust collection for flush edge grinding.  Universal vacuum hose connection locks onto the tool with a twist and click eliminating the use of tape to secure the hose to the shroud.

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DeWalt 5"/ 6" Cutting & Tuckpointing Dust Shroud

5"/ 6" Cutting and Tuckpointing Dust Shroud delivers tool-free shroud removal and adjustments and eliminates the need for user to tape hose to shroud. Includes dust collection and depth adjustment.

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DeWalt Dust Extractor Telescope w/ Hose for SDS Rotary Hammers

Dust Extractor Telescope with Hose for SDS Rotary Hammers filters dust and debris during high performance drilling. Dust extraction lasts two seconds after drill is switched off for an efficient clean.

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DeWalt Hollow Core Bits

When used with a dust extractor, DEWALT's Hollow Drill bit extracts dust while drilling for less dust, fast holes and fast adhesive anchor installation. The bit is also OSHA Table 1 compliant.

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DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction - Chiseling

The DWH053K Large Hammer Dust Extraction is compatible with all DEWALT SDS MAX/Hex combo hammers and breakers and fits the D25553K, D25651K, D25831K DEWALT Spline Drive Hammers.

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DeWalt Onboard Dust Extractor for 1” SDS Plus Hammers

Table 1-compliant dust management solution for 1” SDS Plus rotary hammers.  2-second power off delay ensures dust extraction to continue after drill is switched off.  Clear, durable dust box ensures users can see when dust box needs to be emptied.  Built-in motor increases suction and high tool performance.  Drill up to 5/8” diameter, 4” useable length, and 6” overall length bits.  Fits into tight spaces on scissor lifts and between overhead pipes and ductwork.

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DeWalt Onboard Dust Extractor for 1-1/8" SDS Plus Hammers

This OSHA Table 1-compliant Dust Extractor works with the cordless DCH293 and the corded D25333 1-1/8 in. Rotary Hammers. It features an OSHA 1926.1153-compliant Dust Box Assembly. With a filter cleaning mechanism and a HEPA filter, it removes 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or greater. This Dust Extractor has a powerful fan assembly for increased suction during high-performance drilling. It allows users to drill up to 1” diameter, to depths up to 10”.  Install large diameter sleeve, stud/wedge, and screw anchors using our onboard dust extractor.

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DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction - Demolition

The DWH052 Large Hammer Dust Extraction is compatible with DEWALT Demo Hammers D25980 and D25960 and accepts DEWALT Pointed and Flat Chisels up to 1.25" wide. Fits DW Universal Hose Connector which allows for quick connection to hose & swivel capability.

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DeWalt Large Hammer Dust Extraction - Hole Cleaning

Two interchangeable drilling heads for optimum dust removal.  One for holes up to 1-1/2" and one for holes up to 2".  Tough rubber seal allows for adhesion to most masonry surfaces. Two hole cleaning nozzles match nozzle to hole size for optimal hole cleaning.  Fits DW universal hose connector which allows for quick connection to hose and swivel capability.  Includes: 5/16" hole cleaning tube, 9/16" hole cleaning tube, 1-1/2" hole drilling head attachment, 2" hole drilling head attachment, dust extractor body and kit box.

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Bosch SDS-plus® Dust-Collection Attachment

Bosch SDS-plus® Dust-Collection Attachment provides excellent dust collection when drilling with Bosch hammers. This attachment fits most new Bosch SDS-plus® hammers, coupling via a unique side-handle interface. The attachment has a metal telescoping arm for precise retraction and can accommodate up to a 4-3/4-In. drilling depth, and it can be adjusted forward or back with a clamping band to accommodate a variety of bit lengths. The dust port can be hooked up to a 1-3/8-In. vacuum hose nozzle, or it can accommodate 1-1/4" or 2" nozzles when combined with an appropriate optional adapter. Includes: Dust collection attachment, thin wall core bit cap.

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Bosch SDS-plus® Dust Collector

The Bosch GDE18V-16 Dust Collector for GBH18V-26 Rotary Hammer is a self-contained unit with a HEPA filter. According to independent testing, this integrated HEPA dust extraction system meets OSHA’s silica exposure limits for concrete drilling, averaged over an 8-hour day. The HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. This means users don't have to be tethered to a vacuum. The collector has a Dust Eye bit target designed to align the hammer and bit for precise drilling. The collector mounts to terminals on the hammer, allowing use of the tool battery; no extra battery is required. The attachment has auto power, providing vacuum suction automatically when drilling. It has auto power-off with a built-in two-second delay after releasing the hammer trigger, to allow collection of remaining dust. This handy dust collector mounts on the tool and has the dust capacity for over 40 holes using a 1/4 In. bit drilling 6 In. of concrete.

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Bosch SDS-max® Dust Collection Attachment

The HDC200 is a flexible dust collection attachment SDS-max® hammers for drilling into concrete. It is optimized for drilling diameters from 5/8 In. to 1-3/8 In. but can accommodate up to 2-1/2 In. if the brush ring is removed. The attachment features two unique air chambers: one allows the drilling bit to pass through when drilling into the work surface. The second air chamber is designed to maintain suction to the wall during the drilling application. The dust port is designed for Bosch 1-3/8 In. vacuum nozzle but can be used with either 1-1/4 In. or 2 In. vacuum nozzles when used with the appropriate adapter. The system is universal and is designed to connect to a vacuum so that it can be used with any size hammer and can accommodate the full range of drill bit diameters and drilling depth.

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Vacuum Hose Adapter 19 mm Port

Universal vacuum hose adapter provides versatility for attaching different sized hoses. Connects 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 In. hoses to tools and attachments. Designed for Bosch products but also fits other brands. High quality construction provides strength and durability.

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Bosch Collection Systems Hammer Attachments

The HDC400 dust collection attachment provides a unique dust collection system for breaker hammers. The ski-boot clamping band makes installation on the tool a snap. The clamp housing allows the attachment to be installed on the tool so that the dust collection shroud can be positioned near the chisel tip for optimum dust extraction. The clamp housing also can be adjusted up or down on the tool to accommodate a small variety of chisel lengths. The system also allows the dust collection shroud to float up or down should it make contact with the work piece during use. The dust port fits Bosch 1-3/8 In. vacuum nozzles but can also fit 1-1/4 In. / 2 In. nozzles with the appropriate adapter.

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