All Dust Extractors are designed for continuous, heavy duty usage. They can be used wet or dry. Features include automatic on/off system (vacuum operates only when tool is on). These vacuums operate very quietly (58 decibels). HEPA filters are available.


Fein Turbo II Vacuum

Powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaner for connecting power with high performance turbine for 151 cfm flow rate and 98.4" of water lift.  Low volume of 66 dB (A).  Large range due to 19 ft power cord and 13 ft vacuum hose.  Large wheels rotate 360° for optimal maneuverability, even in tight conditions.  Tool coupling with suction control for easy control of suction power; autostart outlet with power-on delay to prevent current spikes.  Practical storage area with rim.  Weight: 20.1 lbs. Includes:  suction hose 13’x 1-3/8” dia., tool coupling with suction control, filter (25-0262 HEPA filter) and filter bag.



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Fein Turbo II Accessories

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Dustless HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum

Full Unit Certified HEPA vacuum system meets EPA requirement for lead-safe certification.  Powerful 11.5 amp motor offers lasting performance and strong suction. Wunderbag™ Micro-filter extends the life of the HEPA filter. Ability to change from dry to wet vacuuming without stopping to change filters.  Interior baffle/wall keeps the HEPA filter dry at all times. Made in the USA.  Includes:  (1) 16 gallon canister, (2) extension wands, (1)  crevice tool, (1) floor tool, (1) 1.5" x 12' hose, (1) WunderBag micro pre-filter, (1) certified HEPA filter, and (1) Hepa filter cover.

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Dustless WunderBag™ Micro Pre-Filter

One of the big advantages of the Dustless HEPA Wet/Dry Vacuum is the optional Wunderbag™ Micro Pre-filter that greatly extends the life of the HEPA filter. The Wunderbag™ is an inexpensive disposable filter that captures the vast majority of the dirt and dust before it reaches the more expensive HEPA filter. In fact, the Wunderbag™ captures particles down to .5 micron; remarkably close to the HEPA filter that captures particles down to .3 micron.

The Wunderbag™ is capable of holding MORE than 40 LB of fine dust, but the vacuum is designed to be emptied at 40 lbs. so that at least half of the filter bag's surface area is always free to support the high airflow rates required for effective dust control. The Wunderbag™ should be replaced whenever the vacuum collects 40 lbs. of dust, or when it appears to be half full. It should be replaced after being used for Wet vacuuming so the interior of the vacuum does not become moldy. Wunderbag™ retains its strength when wet.

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Dustie® Dust Collection Shroud for Hand Grinders

Fast and easy to install with Flex-Flange™ (included).  Fits most hand grinders, and offers adjustable height for different grinding/sanding wheels. Captures 99% of airborne dust.  Designed to capture extra fine dust from grinding, sanding, and cutting concrete, masonry, fiberglass and other materials.   Protects workers from harmful Silicosis and Hexavalent Chromium.  Meets EPA regulations for lead paint renovation work.

The Dustless Technologies Dustie meets OSHA guidelines and improves worker health and safety. Designed to be used with the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum for effective dust control, the Dustie keeps particles from escaping, and the vacuum keeps dust contained. Simply attach the vacuum hose to the Dustie, and you won't have to worry about leaving a film or cleaning up messes. The Dustie's innovative design keeps your work environment clean and safe.  If you use your grinder for tuck pointing, crack chasing, or decorative concrete cutting, you will want to use the optional cover plate. Trim a section off the front edge of the Dustie and snap the cover plate into place. You can choose two different operation angles from the molded cut lines in the Dustie.  Includes:  (1) shroud, (1) Flex-Flange™ banding clamp, (3) washers, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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DustBuddie® Dust Control Shroud for Hand Grinders

Easy to install.  Comes in two sizes: 5" fits 4" to 5" grinders, and 7" fits 6" to 9" grinders. Captures up to 99% of airbourne dust.  Clear polycarbonate offers improved visibility.  Removable front lip for grinding against a wall.  3 spacers and adjustable height setting to accommodate different wheels and discs.  Brush skirt provides support for a smooth, cushioned grinding action.  Meets EPA RRP guidelines for lead paint when attached to a certified HEPA vacuum.  Includes:  (1) clear polycarbonate shroud, (1) 18" flexible hose, (3) height adjustment spacers, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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Dustie Shroud and Diamond Cup Wheel Combo

Double row diamond grinding wheel comes with a Dustie dust shroud that fits most hand grinders. The attachment collar is a FlexFlange which spreads and contracts to fit the hand grinder. Simply slide the Dustie onto the collar of the grinder and then tighten the band clamp around the flange. You may need to trim the tips of the Flex-Flange to adjust the height to fit your specific grinder. The Dustie dust shroud is an ideal tool for renovation contractors who have to use point-of-origin dust collection tools to comply with EPA regulations covering lead paint removal.  Captures 99% of airborne particulates.

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CutBuddie™ for Dust Collection

For dust collection when mortar raking/ tuck pointing, crack chasing and decorative concrete cutting with a hand grinder.  Captures up to 99% of airborne dust. Clear polycarbonate for improved visibility.  Easy to install, and comes ready to use.  Integrated universal adapter. The cutting depth guide is easy to adjust and is essential when performing high quality work where consistent quality counts. Features swivel hose adaptor for easy handling.  Meets government guidelines (OSHA, NIOSH, and EPA RRP).  Includes:  (1) clear polycarbonate shroud, (1) 18" flexible hose, (3) space spacers for blade centering, (1) arbor extender, and (1) releasable zip tie.

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SawBuddie™ Dust Shroud for Reciprocating Saws

Clear flexible shroud fits a wide variety of reciprocating saws.  Velcro strap installation that offers 2-1/2" long bristles with line-of-site gap.  The SawBuddie rotates to accommodate different blade installation.  Captures 99% of airborne dust.  The SawBuddie is a point-of-origin dust control system; therefore, it enables contractors to comply with EPA RRP regulations, when attached to a full unit certified HEPA vacuum (25-0220).

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BitBuddie™ Dustless Bit Shroud

Flexible translucent rubber dust shroud with 2 sizes for a variety of applications.  Suction hold it in place requiring no clamps.  Captures dust and slurry.

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ChipBuddie™ Dustless Paint Scraper

The ChipBuddie dust-free paint scraper is an excellent tool for the professional painter, handy man or homeowner. Priced economically, the ChipBuddie dustless paint scraper captures dirt and debris at the point of origin. As soon as it’s dislodged, the paint chips are vacuumed in through slots on both sides of the scraper blade. Scrape up or down – the ChipBuddie captures the dirt in both directions.

Lightweight and durable, the ChipBuddie comes with three scraper blades and provides years of trouble free performance. It is the ideal scraper for renovation contractors who have to use point-of-origin dust/dirt removal tools to comply with EPA regulations regarding lead paint removal.  Includes:  (1) paint scraper, (3) replacement blades, and (1) 18" hose.

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DustBubble™ Dust Free Drilling

DustBubbles are disposable dust collectors for drills.  To use them, simply peel away the adhesive backing, and stick the DustBubble to the surface.  Then press the drill bit in the center of the DustBubble, then drill.  Drill shavings and dust are collected inside the DustBubble.  When done, simply peel away the surface and throw away.  Offers flexibility to drill at a wide array of angles.  Heat resistant and durable for secure drilling.  For use up to 3/8" drill bit size.

Three strengths are available:

Regular strength for use on wall paper and painted walls.

Extra strength for wood, plaster, and untreated surfaces.

Industrial strength for metal and industrial applications.

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Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander

Dustless Turbo Drywall Sander features an air turbine in the orbital head that delivers 10,000 RPM's for fast, aggressive sanding powered by the airflow of the vacuum. Lightweight, light-duty drywall sander that can reach into tight places and corners.  Air is pulled through channels on all four sides of the sanding head to capture 99% of the drywall dust at its point of origin.  The pole of the Turbo Sander extends to a length of six feet therefore high walls and ceiling are within reach without use of ladder or scaffolding. Sanding sheets feature a high-tech mesh backing that improve airflow for superior dust collection and heat dissipation.  The wide mesh does not clog like paper or cloth backed sandpaper, which eliminates undesirable swirling patterns, produces an excellent finish and last 3 to 5 times longer to provide outstanding value.  Includes: (1) hand sander, (1) 6' pole, (1) oil, (3) sheet of paper, (1) extra hose adapter.

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11 Gallon Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum

Powered by a 12 AMP motor that generates 148 CFM of suction power and 92” of water lift to take on the most challenging applications. Motor chamber constructed of quality sound-absorbing materials resulting in a quiet operating sound level of 60 dB(A) Lightweight at only 35 lbs. Wide-set rear wheels and enlarged steel caster front wheels create a lower center of gravity for increased stability and easier maneuverability. Features innovative Automatic Filter-Cleaning System and an efficient two-stage filtration system. The Certified-HEPA main filter captures 99.97% of particles size .3 microns and larger, which meets or exceeds the Department of Energy’s standard for HEPA filters. An on-board tool-activated outlet starts and stops the vacuum/extractor with power tool usage. Includes: anti-static hose, 1-1/4" x 13', wet/dry HEPA filter, fleece filter bag, plastic disposal bag, main flat filter, and crevice nozzle.

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