Southwire™ BENDmax™ Power Bender

Powered bender 3/4"-2" EMT, IMC, and Rigid conduit bender with easily adjustable to ergonomic working height. Programmable springback incorporated into digital readout.  Back lit display.  Billet aluminum hand pendant.  2 degree leveling adjustment.  Industrial grade DC drive, and electrical components.  Push cart mounted platform.  Bends in vertical and horizontal plane.  Free standing conduit support stand

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Southwire™ BENDstation™ RIGID Workstation

More accurate measurements, bends, and cuts with a built-in protractor for quick and accurate bends of ¾”-1” IMC and rigid conduit.  Comfortable work table height at 36′′ offers less labor fatigue; work standing up without constantly bending over.  The ability to store up to 700 feet of conduit, strut or 1000 lbs of other materials and extra shelf for storage of tools and materials.  Heavy-duty casters for easy transportation and mobility.   Dual-bending shoe designed for both 3/4′′ and 1′′ rigid and IMC.  Bending requires up to 40% less force to bend than other mechanical benders.  A 60” ruler is incorporated on the working surface for quick and accurate marking.  Side mounted chain vise is easily adjustable to multiple positions for quicker and safer cutting and threading.

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Greenlee Shoe Groups for 555

Shoe groups for Greenlee models 555CX and 555DX

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Greenlee Shotgun™ Shoe Group

Bend up to 4 pieces of conduit at the same time.  Up to 2X faster bend cycle time.

Versatile - one shoe bend 8 conduit types:

  • Ridgid 1/2", 3/4", 1"
  • IMC 1/2", 3/4", 1"
  • EMT 3/4", 1"

Lightweight at 27 lbs; therefore it's easily transported for use in pre-fabrication shops and jobsites.  Works with Greenlee 555 series electric benders.


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Greenlee 855GX Electric Bender

Save time by eliminating bending calculations. Easy to use LCD interface can program 7 different bends with ability to save 3 locally or unlimited number to USB memory stick for recall later or to transfer to another 855GX bender. Bends 3/4" Rigid & 1 - 2" EMT/IMC/Rigid with no loose parts. Works off a wide range of job site power sources including generators. Strong weatherability for greater uptime and longer motor life. H 44.5" x W 32" x L 40". Weight 500lbs.

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Cyclone Bender

Gardner Bender's B2000 Cyclone bender provides an easy to use tool for conduit bending. Bends 1/2" to 2" steel (Sch. 40 maximum) and aluminum rigid, IMC and EMT conduit all on one shoe. Also bends 1/2" to 1-1/2" PVC-coated conduit on EMT shoe. One shoe fits all conduit types and sizes, minimizing set up time. Can be used in horizontal or vertical working positions.

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Leg Assembly Kit for B2000 Cyclone

Leg assembly kit fits Gardner Bender model B2000.

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Portable Cyclone Bender

Gardner Bender B1000 Portable Cyclone powered conduit bender for bending 1/2" – 1" EMT, Rigid, IMC, EMT aluminum conduit and 1/2" – 3/4" PVC-Coated Rigid conduit, all on a single shoe. The bender uses a standard pipe threader as a power source, making it versatile and quick to set up with a common jobsite tool. It is compatible with most pipe threaders on the market. The Portable Cyclone is designed with portability in mind. Weighing in at just 35 lbs (about 53 lbs with a pipe threader attached), this bender is easy to carry around on a jobsite or up and down stairs. Reduce the risk of injury by removing the need to bend larger sizes of conduit using a hand bender or lugging around heavy equipment and conduit.

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