The Exact pipe cutting system is designed and made for professional use.  All pipe cutters are lightweight, easy to carry and operate on site.  Exact pipe saws cut steel, plastic, copper, cast-iron, stainless steel and multi-layer pipes.  Perfectly cut ends are immediately ready to weld or join. By eliminating torch cutting the Exact method is fire safe, energy efficient and safer for the user and the surrounding work environment.


Exact Pipe Cut 170E

Powerful, lightweight and handy, the PipeCut can be used for cutting both steel and plastic pipes.  Because of it’s adjustable speed feature and steady torque it is ideal for cutting stainless steel and cast iron pipes.  Includes:  Exact Pipe Saw, shoulder bag, pipe supports (4), allen keys (5mm and 2mm) fitted to machine, TCT blade 6.5" mounted on the machine and operating manual with DVD.

Exact Blade Size: 5-1/2 x 2-7/16” Arbor

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