How To Select The Proper Extension Cord

Three wire extension cords should always be used in order to permit proper grounding of three wire grounded tools. All of our cords are three wire. As the distance from the supply outlet increases, heavier gauge extensions are required. The use of extension cords of inadequate size wire causes a serious drop in voltage, loss of power and possible motor damage. Refer to the following chart:


Round Extension Cords

High visibility vinyl insulation resists oil, grease, moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Heavy duty molded-on plugs and connectors. UL listed-meets OSHA requirements for outdoor use. 12 gauge cords supplied with lighted ends.


Colony's offers custom imprinting on extension cords.  Benefits include theft prevention and jobsite visibilty. Ask your Colony representative for more information.

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Round Extension Cords-Triple Tap

Same as our Round Extension Cords but with a heavy duty, three-way power block molded on the end. 2' size cord is commonly referred to as a “pig tail”. Includes lighted ends except for 2' length.

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Polar/Solar All Weather Cord

All-purpose cord that stays light and flexible, even under the most extreme conditions. Will not crack, peel, flake or bake out even in the most bitter arctic extreme conditions. Rugged T-Prene insulation shrugs off oil, grease, acids, solvents and offers outstanding resistance to abrasion, ozone and other on the job hazards. Weighs one-third less than ordinary cord. All sizes feature a power indicator light at the female cord’s ends which glow when the cord is connected to a power source for added safety and convenience.

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Polar/ Solar Cords With 3-Way Block

Same as Polar/Solar Cords described above, but with a 3-Way lighted power block at the female end.

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Red, White and Blue Extension Cord

Molded water resistant connectors with reinforced blades, suitable for all weather outdoor use.  Lighted female ends.  Red, white and blue cords are made in USA with a portion of the profits donated to Wounded Veterans.

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Twist-To-Lock Extension Cords

Designed for on the job safety for contractors. Cords with Twist-To-Lock plugs will not disconnect causing interrupted circuits. Both male and female three conductor plugs are permanently molded-on.

Wire Gauge 12/3
Cord SJTW 300V
Plug NEMA L5-20

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Industrial Cord Reel

Contains 50’ of 12/3 SJTW cord with a clear 3-way powerblock and a power indicator light. Cord pulls out to the desired length, and locks automatically with a slight pull of the cord. Also has a 15 amp circuit breaker with a push button reset. Quick detachable mounting bracket is standard. The reel’s housing is made of impact resistant ABS plastic.

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Air Conditioner Extension Cords

All vinyl SPT-3 cord for air conditioners and other appliances or equipment.

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Cord Adapter

Triple Tap Adapter.

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Twist-Lock Extension Cord Adapters

UL® listed and meets OSHA specifications. These twist-to-lock adapters are designed to use in construction and industrial applications where extra protection and durability are a must. Constructed with heavy-duty 12/3 STW wire and molded locking male and female connectors. Adapter length: 9”.

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