Quick-Lok® Mounting System

The Quick-Lok System is designed for long term hard hat and accessory use. Quick-Lok Mounting Blocks are designed to be screwed onto the hard hat. Quick-Lok Mounting Cups are designed to attach to Fibre-Metal Welding helmets, Faceshields and Welding Goggles and be securely mounted onto, and removed from the hard hat without tools.

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Clear Faceshield

Faceshield, PETG thermoplastic material 8" X 15.5", .040 thick. 5 system hole punched, designed to fit Crews Headgear. Accepts most manufacturers’ cam lock headgear.

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Speedy® Mounting System

For frequent on/off use with hard hats. The Special Mounting System is most practical. By equipping your faceshields, welding helmets, and welding goggles with Speedy Loops, on/off use can be accomplished quickly and easily without having to remove your hard hat. No tools are necessary. No modifications need to be made to the hard hat.

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These accessories are specifically designed to be attached to Fibre-Metal hard hats with Quick-Lok mounting blocks.

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Fibre-Metal® Full Brim Hat Mounting Bracket

Lightweight, dielectric faceshield protective cap mounting bracket that mounts on Fibre-Metal full brim hard hats. Molded from strong, heat resistant Noryl®. Dual channel mounting system uses one channel to anchor the bracket to the cap while the other channel holds the window so it can lock into the work position and pivot up and out of the way when not needed.

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Fibre-Metal Face Protection

4" crown faceshield with a deep channel overhang seals out debris. Windows seat easily on channel tabs, are secured with locking cams. .060" thick windows are clear, optically correct, and dimensionally stable. Smooth beaded edge for extra strength. No metal bindings. Ratchet-style headgear. Padded, perforated wrap-around sweatbands add comfort and absorb perspiration. Please note: Windows must be ordered separately. (Window size 8" x 16 1/2")

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MSA Faceshield

Compatible with Slotted V-Gard caps (which Colony sells and stocks). Add this to your V-Gard Hard Hat, and you are now protected against small flying objects, abrasive particles, and chemical splashes. The frame comes with mounting brackets, positive positioning joints, and lockdown device. Clear faceshields (8" x 16") are sold separately, and not included when purchasing the faceshield frame.

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AO Tuffmaster™ Faceshield

Designed to provide protection for the face and neck against chemical splash and flying particles. Crown protector made of high strength thermoplastic material which provides impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures. Precision ratchet head size adjustment offers a comfortable snug fit with five position pin-lock crown strap for additional support and comfort. Floating window suspension distributes wight and reduces shock of impact.  Large 9" x 14 1/2" polycarbonate window also provides good heat resistance. Meets ANSI Z87.1-1989 and complies with OSHA requirements for industrial eye protection. Please note: Windows must be ordered separately.

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KASK Superplasma Visor Kit

Polocarbonite anti-fog and scratch resistant treatment.  Panoramic lens compatible for overlapping corrective glasses.  Impact resistant even at extreme temperatures.

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KASK Zenith Visor Kit

Polycarbonate Optical Class 2 with Anti-fog and scratch resistant treatment.  Panoramic lens compatible for overlapping corrective glasses.  Cut proof edge.  Drip proof upper contour made of rubber.  EN 166 / ANSI Z87.1 / AS/NZS 1337

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Aluminum Rim Headgear

Aluminum faceshield bracket comes with a 5 system cam lock for increased impact resistance. Easily attached to most hard hats without full brim. Accepts most universally punched faceshields. Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z87.1-1989 Safety Standard.  Does not include faceshield.

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MSA V-Gard® Helmet Mounted Hearing Protection

For industrial workers, the V-Gard Cap Mounted Hearing Protection delivers enhanced comfort and top of the line performance with upgrades in fit and style all without compromising the quality expected from the V-Gard brand. Works with slotted MSA industrial cap-style hard hats, as well as, existing MSA visors and frames for seamless integration into your safety program.

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Moldex High Attenuation Cap Mounted Earmuff – NRR 28dB

Moldex exclusive waffled cup foam for superior NRR protection. Larger ear cushions allow freedom to fit almost all ears comfortably. Lightweight non-slip wire allows easy cup adjustment yet holds its position for lasting comfort. Cool looks and comfort to promote worker acceptance and compliance. Easily slots into almost all hard hats.

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Kask Clear Full Face Visor

Anti-fog and scratch-resistant treatment. Panoramic lens compatible for overlapping corrective glasses. Drip proof upper contour made of rubber. Impact resistant even at extreme temperature.

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Terri-Band Sweatband

Fits most brands of hard hats. Terry-cloth material is washable and has plastic snaps.

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Hard Hat Medical Information Carrier

A small yet important hardhat accessory. This plastic laminated pouch, adheres to your hardhat and is fitted with an identification card which holds important and life-saving medical information in the event of a medical crisis on the job. Sold 10/pk.

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