Portable Guard Rail™ System

This system acts as a barrier that prevents personnel from falling to lower levels, thus eliminating the fall hazard. Workers can now be protected with little or no training, no special maintenance, and no special equipment. Totally free standing, requiring no surface attachment. The bases are skid resistant and light enough for one worker to move. Installation is fast and easy; simply insert railing into base fitting and tighten. No special tools are required. Applications include roof edges, floor hatchways or chutes, leading edge, around skylights, floor or wall openings, shafts, and manholes. Exceeds OSHA standards.

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SafetyRail 2000

SafetyRail 2000 is a non-penetrating, passive fall protection system that meets OSHA guidelines for permanent guardrail without drilling.The portable system can be moved for one area to another, offering flexibility.  Installation is easy, two workers can install 500 feet in less than two hours.  The four post base allows infinite positioning of the rail systems. Positive locking system secures rail to base. Easy-to-use system complies with OSHA's requirement for using toe boards on some elevated work heights. Complies with OSHA regulations 29 CRF 1910.23 and 1926.502.

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Parapet Anchor System

The parapet guardrail system is an economical and easy to use system. Each system includes one parapet clamp and one guardrail post. Can be easily installed by one person. Bracket adjusts to wall widths between 4" to 24". Weighs only 19 lbs. including the post. Maximum spacing is 8' apart. Complies to OSHA standards.

Note : Not designed to be used as an achorage point for fall protection system.


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Tie Down Guardrail Zip Base

3 Hole base, yellow powder coat with rubber feet (58 lbs). Nests and stacks easily for storage before and after use. Zip Base offers superior resistance to impact loads and its unique design is 40% lighter than competitor bases. Comes with toe board slots on each side and handle holes for lifting.

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TriRex™ Mobile Fall Protection System

Safest, most reliable and easiest-to-use mobile fall protection unit on the market. Safety features include positive locking front brakes, positive locking front axle and a ratcheting engagement arm lock; this mechanism automatically secures the engagement arm at the talon and claw's deepest penetration, thus ensuring the unit will not disengage after a fall or during a rescue.  No assembly required.  Compliant with OSHA regulation 1926.502 (D).  Allows three workers to be tied off while using the TriRex for fall arrest.  Fall restraint tie-off rings and flat free tires are standard.  20 cubic foot double door job box offers access to storage.  Fork pockets allow unit to be easily moved and loaded without the risk of damage.

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Guardian Angel Anchor System

Provides an ideal solution when you need a versatile and single tie-off point on a roof top where penetrating the roof is not an option. Suitable for use on multiple roof surfaces (up to a 5 degree slope) and is corrosion resistant. Each 45 lb. weight has rubber anti-skid pads on the bottom and an attached handle for ease of movement/installation. Designed for use by workers with the combined weight (tools, clothing, etc.) of no more than 310 lbs.  Equipment must be rigged to limit a free fall of no more than 6 ft. as per ANSI Z359.1.  Guardian Skyhook Swivel Top 17-0736 and Guardian leading edge retractable 14-0737 both sold separately.

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