FEIN MultiMaster Top

Very powerful 350 Watt FEIN high-performance motor for optimal cutting speeds and maximum work progress. Highest quality and stability thanks to metal gear case and consistent use of ball or needle bearings. Convenient QuickIN rapid-clamping system. Electronic speed control with tacho generator for constant speed, even under load. Integrated interface for mounting additional system accessories. Softgrip zone provides optimal handling. StarlockPlus tool mount with outstanding torque transfer, fits all Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories. Wide selection of accessories available for all applications.  Kit includes:  FEIN MultiMaster FMM 350 QSL, (1) backing pad, 3 of each sanding sheet (grits 60, 80, 120, 180), (1) perforated backing pad, 3 of each sanding sheet (grits 60, 80, 120, 180), perforated, (1) sanding disc 4-1/2 in dia. Perforated, (6) sanding sheets 4-1/2 in perforated (2 each of grits 60, 80, 180), (1) dust extraction assembly, (1) rigid scraper blade, (1) E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 1-3/8 in (type 160), (1) universal E-Cut saw blade 1-3/4 in (type 152), (1) E-Cut Long-Life saw blade 2-9/16 in (type 161), (1) HSS segment saw blade, (1) carbide segment saw blade, (1) carbide rasp (triangular) and tool case.


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HSS Saw Blade, Circular Shape

For plastics, GFRP, wood, glazing compound, brass, bronze, and sheet metal up to approx. 1/32".

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HSS Segment Saw Blade

For Plastics, GFRP, wood, glazing compound, brass, bronze, and shet metal up to approx. 1/32".  Ideal for working in corners.

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E-Cut Standard Saw Blade

Saws wood up to 2", gypsum wallboard, and soft plastics.  Enables easy plunge cuts into the material at any location.  Length 2".

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E-Cut Precision Saw Blade

High cutting speed and precision thanks to double-row of Japanese profile teeth.  Saws wood up to 2", gypsum wallboard, and soft plastics. 2" Length, type 126.

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E-Cut Universal Saw Blade

Bimetal teeth enables a wide range of applications.  Saws wood up to 2", plastics, sheet metal up to 14 gauge, copper or aluminum pipe and profiles.  Length 2-3/8".

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E-Cut Combo Pack

Consisting of 3 different E-Cut saw blades:  (1) E-Cut Precision 2-1/2" wide, (1) E-Cut Standard1-3/8" wide, (1) E-Cut Universal 1-3/4" wide.  With these, you are ready for any sawing job.

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Carbide Segment Saw Blade

For cutting out defective tile grout and cutting grooves in plaster, lightweight concrete and similiar construction materials.  For reworking planked deck grooves.  Kerf approx. 1/16"

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Flexible Scraper Blade

For removal of silicone or acrylic caulks in plumbing work as well as stickers.

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Backing Pad Kit, Unperforated

For sanding without dust extraction.

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