SuperCut Construction Kit

When circular saws, jig saws or reciprocating saws just won't cut it and a chisel means considerable manual labor, the Fein SuperCut bites through effortlessly and in record time. The cropped saw blade (which can be mounted at a right angle) enables cuts to be made flush to all surfaces, allowing you to cut in difficult-to-reach areas. No free space is required alongside or behind the work piece. The SuperCut saw can be plunged into the material. The variable highspeed oscillations allow precise cutting with maximum production. The most powerful oscillating power tool with FEIN anti-vibration system and StarlockMax tool mount for outstanding versatility in the interior construction and renovation field. Includes: FEIN SuperCut FSC 500 QSL and plastic carrying case.

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Fein SuperCut Diamond Straight Cutter Blade

Straight, blades for cleaning the walls of the recess before installion of new sealant.

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SuperCut Accessories

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E Cut Universal Blades for SuperCut Saws

Bi-metal teeth, cranked, also suitable for radii, high speed cut, sheet metal up to 14 gauge thick, plastics, aluminum profiles, copper pipe, wood, and plasterboard. Flush working.

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E Cut Standard Blades for SuperCut Saws

Crossed toothing for all wood, plasterboard and plastics. Flush work.

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E Cut Precision Blades for SuperCut Saws

Double row original Japan teeth, for top precision cuts, flush working and clean cutting edges even freely by hand into wood, plasterboard and plastics.

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