Festool OF 1010 Plunge Router

Small in size, but big on performance at 5.9 lbs and 1010 watts.  One-handed operation allows you to switch it on and off, plunge, cut and release with ease.  Micro-adjustable depth control is accurate to 1/256" for amazing precision.  Accepts both 1/4" and 8mm bits.  Power switch lock allows user to maintain control from a variety of grip positions.  Ergonomic handle with full-grip is designed for increased control and reduced fatigue with power switch and speed control at the fingertips.  Integrated dust extraction port extracts dust from the point of generation which increases visibility.  The port is angled so that the hose stays in line with the power cord.

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Festool OF 1400 Plunge Router

The OF 1400 Router provides 1400 watts of power in a machine that weighs less than 10 lbs. It accepts 1/2", 1/4" or 8 mm bits. With enough power to handle most routing tasks and small enough to be extremely maneuverable. With a category-leading 2 3/4" plunge depth, precise to 1/256" (1/10 mm), this router gives you the power, precision, depth of cut, and dust extraction capabilities that will simplify your routing tasks.  Ergonomic handle with full-grip is designed for increased control and reduced fatigue with power switch and speed control at the fingertips.  The OF 1400 EQ Router provides a smooth 2-3/4" plunge action on precision ground rods and a double column clamp with a quick and secure plunge lock.  Micro-adjustable depth control to 1/256" (1/10 mm) with ball detents which allows you to dial in your routing with tremendous precision.  MMC electronic controls provide constant speed under load for improved cut quality, step-less variable speed, and overload and thermal protection.

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Festool Edge Guide for Plunge Router OF 1400

When used with the Festool OF 1400 Router 13-1234, the Parallel Edge Guide allows you to rout up against, or perfectly parallel to the material edge, delivering precise dados, flutes, grooves, ploughs, rabbets and profiles.  Fine-adjustment control allows you to dial in the distance from the material edge in increments of 1/10mm for ultra-precise routing.  Dust extraction hood enables ultra-efficient dust extraction, saving valuable cleanup time.  The Edge Guide is constructed from durable cast aluminum, and includes fiber-reinforced plastic thumbscrews for easy adjustment and a long service life.  Attaches quickly and easily using integrated thumbscrews and two steel rods included in the router's scope of delivery.

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Festool Trammel Unit for Plunge Router OF 1010

The Trammel Unit for the Festool OF 1010 Router (13-1228) allows you to rout precise circles and decorative curves from 6-1/32 inches up to 29-7/8 inches in diameter.  Anchored in the center with the included trammel point, and attaches simply and securely to the router using thumbscrews.

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